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  1. do u have to have 100% darkness when flowering? the room my babies are in is quite dark but there is some minimal light will this effect the flowering time? bud size? tighness of buds? thanks in advance
  2. YES! it will make them hermie and mess up their flowering cycle.
  3. thanks i will be correcting that problem this evening then...would this effect the tightness of the buds?

  4. That covers the affect on the buds I think...so yes...peace

  5. closed all the spots where light was getting into the room, it is not 100% but the light that gets in is extremely minimal, it is coming from the vents at the bottom and top of the room. i have closed myself in and with the small amount that comes in i cannot count the fingers in front of my face will this now be adequate? again thanks for the advice
  6. so if the buds are strtching out do i have a chance of saving this crop or have i blown yet another grow? what would be the telling marker to decide if it has gone to long with inappropriate darkness? i am going to have to rebuild my flowering room to make up for this oversite thanks again in advance
  7. Thought sense everybody else is pulling posts up from a long time ago.
    Well here you go lmao .
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