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  1. they say light needs dark....BS

    no more assocation with that, i mean unless you like judgment and torture.

    God(light) shall always win, there is no other option, so it would make it easy on yourself you just repent

    no one is cut out if they repent.

    GOD is eternally patient.

    why did you leave the keys upon the table? you wanted to!

  2. actually I heard the devil beats god every other time.
  3. oh shit that sucks^

    when's the next time and who lost the last time?
  4. I hear God is terrible at Foosball...

  5. Honestly I almost get what you're talking about.

  6. If God and I teamed up and played in a Foosball tournament/drinking event, we'd own the competition and slap high fives after every goal. :cool:

  7. I think you've already got 3/4 of the competitors you need. And, if it's going to go down, make sure you post a video or didn't happen.
  8. The competition portion would be based on the foosball game not the drinking silly.
  9. Yea god would be my first pick in a game of foosball. Second would be the devil though, for sure. Third would be Sloth from the goonies.

  10. I would think Sloth a hella-ton better at Foosball than God and Satan combined.
  11. Yeah I'm afraid to drink beer.

    I didn't go the the largest beer brewery in the Germany or anything.

    One day I hope to be as cool as you act like you are.

  12. yea considering sloth would be the only one of the three would show up, Im sure he would be better then both of them combined.

  13. I've never known him to be late for any party. That's more than could be said of the other two.
  14. HAHA! Sloth owns.
  15. Besides, if Sloth loses, he'll just smash up the table. You'll be forced to lose.

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