darkness before harvest?

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    I had always learned thru videos I have seen (some of the HANS videos) that a couple days before harvest to leave the lights ON constantly to force the plants to use up the remaining nutrients and also to use up water (speeds drying time). I havent noticed anyone on here saying that they do it though. Everyone leaves the lights OFF for the final couple of days. Does ANYONE leave the lights on the final couple of days?

    please give your feedback

  2. Yeah mate i've heard or rather read about that the thing i read said to give your plants 36hrs darkness before putting them on 12/12 then in the last two weeks when your flushing them give them 24hrs light and 12 dark for TWO weeks this can increase your final yeild by 15% take a look at www.seaofgreen.co.uk and click on the ADVICE button at the top corner i got loads of info there all on how to get higher yeilds very informative check it out there's a good bit on training your plants so you get more head buds
  3. 48 hours or more will in increase resin production. 24 doesn't do shit.
    what happens is you stress the plant, which makes it try to protect itself with more "armor" - resin.

    You probably won't notice any difference unless you've grown the strain before and compare the difference.

    If you want the buds to increase a little, you can have an incandescent light hitting the plants from a far distance. Or a dark room where a little bit of light creeps in through a covered window. After doing this the resin glands are supposed to swell big time.

  4. i 2nd this information. i read a lot about the 72 hour dark period while i did my first grow. I only had one plant, and couldnt compare to what i had grown before so that sucked. the stuff i read said that if you did it correctly, the stems should be hollow. the base stem coming out of the ground was definitely hollowed out pretty good, and the insides of the leaf/branch stems was pretty well dried out. they sure were sticky looking.
  5. Harvesting in the morning ensures that your plant will be at peak THC content, as cannabis has shown THC fluctuations peaking in morning and dropping during the day. Some growers leave their lights off for several days before harvest to increase potency. This seems to have some scientific validity as light has been shown to degrade THC, hence the morning peaks. As light is the degrading factor and the plant still has the ability to manufacture THC during darkness, leaving the lights off for a day or two before harvest likely utilizes the plants stored potential for THC conversion without any opportunity for it to be degraded into cannabinol (CBN) and other breakdown products
  6. Interesting..... 
    So really the change in day length would be enough to increase potency. By changing the day length from 12/12 to 9/15 then 6/18. slowly part way through flowering then the potency should be higher as would be when changing in seasons the length of day decreases and as the angle of the sun changes in the sky. 
  8. I've also heard not to water them three days before you harvest is this true
  9. unfort a vet couldn't answer this, that's a good question, I know 2-3 week flush is needed, but if after that u mean no water for couple days before harvest? makes sense, quicker drying time

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