Darkness before harvest?

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  1. Hello gc. I am near harvest with my plants, and I am wondering why some give 48hrs of darkness before harvest? I read it helps with crystal thc production or something like that? This is my first grow, so unless giving an amount of darkness really has an effect on the quality of the bud, I would rather harvest without going too fancy. Is this a proven thing or just growers claiming that it helps? Thanks.
  2. Growers claiming that it helps
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    First off trichomes do not form and fully mature in 48 hours. 2nd of all it takes photosynthesis to form trichomes and mature them. Photosynthesis doesnt happen in the dark.

    I've done it numerous times and never noticed a difference. The only thing turning the lights out might accomplish is to degrade the trichomes faster do to the lack of photosynthesis. This is why I believe some people think it's increasing thc when all it's really doing is causing the trichome to degrade and turn amber. I'm not even sure on that, 48 hours just isn't much time to accomplish anything.

    It's either that or it's all in their head and they just miss their plant so much that after 2 days they're just happy to see it and think somehow darkness and the lack of any photosynthesis magically improved the plant
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  4. Idk people but ime I notice no trics being produced but the oil/stickiness of the plant improves with 36 hours of darkness. Some say 48 is best but I only do 36.
    I have been doing it since I ran my own comparison.
    Either way though works, and folks will argue to the end of time. Just run ur own comparison and see if it works for u!

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