Darkness after flush

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  1. My ladies have just been flushed and have curently been in 12 hours of dakness i was wondering how long to leave them in darkness for as i want the maxium smell and thc
  2. Darkness doesnt increase thc. Takes photosynthesis for that. It takes time for thc to increase, not just a day or 2 and definetly not in darkness. Darkness will also not change smell.

    Some people believe darkness will get a plant to finish up quicker by turning some of the trics amber. Without light the plant might start the plant to degrade faster which will cause amber but that's about it.

    I've tried it several times. I think its more in peoples head. Broken heart syndrome maybe, they miss their plant so much they think drastic changes were made in a few hours of darkness...lol
  3. Yup I’ve been thinking about this cut it when it ready some say after it has 12 hours darkness but I think best time is end of day just after lights go out cut it and then hang in darkness until it dry enough to trim or pre trim it the into bags jars for a cure lol
    I’m at week 7/8 now so time is coming to decide when and how I’m gonna harvest my last stuff dried to fast was smaller batch this stuff should be better turn the fans down in my drying box
    I always harvested my out door plants in bc in the cover of darkness to avoid detection and because end of the day seemed right who would Harvest half way threw a day unless it raining and ya got mold coming

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