Dark spots on one of my plants. Please advise.

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  1. Hello all, I was about to feed my plants when I noticed two small dark spots on one leaf. Please help diagnose this so I can feed and feed properly.
    I gave them .6ml per gallon flora nova bloom a cpl days ago. I also gave them 1.2ml calmag per gallon the same day. Do I need calmag with tap water? Is this fro the floranova? Shall I feed with distilled water this time? First Grow! Hempy Bucket/Coco Coir/Lemon OG/From Seed!!/Led Grow!!
    Thank you for your time.

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  2. How old are they?

    Honestly, I think you're being a bit overprotective, which is completely normal.
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  3. They are day 18. I am always protective an concerned with my Baby's.
    I'm wondering if they need nutes or got a lil too many?
    Thank for your help
  4. It's a bit early to be giving nutes for a soil grow, wait til week 3 or 4.
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  5. It's coco 30% perlite. I'm gonna water today an see how the look in a day or two.
    Thank you
  6. Why are you using bloom? Isn't that for flowering stage?
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  7. I've seen online people using bloom throughout the entire Grow with great results.
  8. Mm. I use technaflora so I can't exactly say thats wrong..

    4-8-7 is not the correct amount for veg in my opinion.
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  9. You are right my friend. I said the same to myself but .. idk. I saw the results an figured I'd give it a shot. I may grab some floranova grow.. The plants seem to be doing good. Not much growth after I reported them a cpl days ago but time will tell. So ya man, I need to stop by the hydro store tomorrow anyway. Ima pick some up. Thanks again for all your help
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