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  1. Who has played this unforgiving game?! Personally my favorite game, if you like a challenge, should try it out.

    If you have played, where is the farthest you've gone in the New Game +'s?
    What's your favorite part about the game?
  2. NG+++ is as far as I have got on my mage, I stopped playing and sold my PS3 prior to the new content release and really wanted to give it a try. Most likely going to play it on PC soon so I can do that part of the game.

    Favorite part of the game is everything about it! All the secrets and hidden story really kept my attention in this game, obviously the combat rocks and the pvp was always fun to rock people on :D

    memorable moment for me was the first time I went through the catacombs stoned off my ass it was creeping me out :smoking:

    How about you tokintucan?
  3. Fuck that game. It owes me a new ps3 controller. Need I say more. Lol

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  4. I've actually only gone to NG+! That's impressive that you got to +++! My favorite part is definitely the PvP, that's why I haven't gotten farther. Once I make a guy good enough for NG+, I use him for PvP. When I get bored of that guy, I just make a whole new build/fighting style for some more PvP!

    Yeah you should get that add-on, it's worth trying out. Few more hard ass bosses and pretty good size area.

    Next year, Dark Souls 2! I'm ready for it.
  5. NG+++ wasn't too bad to get to on my mage I got to SL125 for pvp with the mage in the first play through then kept it at that SL through NG+++ It starts getting a bit ridiculous in NG++ and found myself on the defensive a lot.

    Dark souls 2 sounds promising, They better not fuck up the PC release this time though I really don't want to have to buy a PS4 to play it. :D
  6. Trick is to get to level six and finish the game, only spend souls on the ood equipment and weapons etc. really hard to do, but makes pvp ALOT of fun.

    Also makes joining the difficult covenants worth it.
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    Only problem with pvp is if the connection sucks, the fags can just spam something gimmicky like parries and backstabs. Yeah, we can all take the faggiest route possible if the connection sucks, right? But then when the connection is good and they try that, it's fun to counter backstab attempts by circling in the opposite direction at the right moment and backstabbing that mofo just at the right time, show the fag that spamming moves isn't the way to go, and of course you can't spam parries effectively at all when shit isn't acting glitchy.

    Katanas and their shave damage seem to get over-rated in pvp as well. Not to mention that they've got one of the best counter-weapon types in the game and all they can think to do is charge the whole time, peh... But when it comes to the real variety of possibilities, the creativity and difficulty of the bosses, and the challenge of pvp with someone who is good at it, especially the guys who like to use different status effects (poison and sweet and way underestimated in pvp), mix up sorcery and archery into it, this game is quite an achievement. It's too bad that people get turned off because it seems like a committment, and they don't see the returns. Committment my ass. I've gotten to the point where if I want to go with a new character concept it takes me just a few days to get through the single player.

    Easiest legit way to level up? Go to Darkroot Garden, and go to that door that you need the Seal of Astorias from Andre to open. Make sure you haven't joined that covenant yet if you want to, because this is the easiest way to level up for how early it is. You just run through that area and then go back near the door. There is a spot where you can stand next to the stairs and a cliff, where you just face the cliff with your back to the stairs. Now all of those dudes will run after you and all eventually get knocked off the cliff attacking your shield. I think you get like 10-13k in souls every time you do that. So just do that as many times in a row as you want, can make a ton of progress in like 20 mins.
  8. Hahahahaha, was that snuggly the crow's nest I saw? But related to the first Dark Souls (which I guess wasn't really the first because Demon Souls came before that): Which was everyone's favorite bosses? Which areas were the funnest? Which classes?
  9. Dont get too excited for Dks 2. The head designer Mytsuzaki (sp?) isnt on board now, and he was the brains behind Demon Souls and Dark Souls.

    So while I'm speculating, DkS 2 could be a let down. I've heard reports the designers are going to make it more mainstream, and turn the difficulty down.

    Problem with the game is laggy PvP. Phantom-range on weapons, and lagstabs, combine that with people that know the system is broken and abuse it, can lead to some frustrating PvP.

    Also the community is somewhat of a letdown. Low-level griefing and gang-banging are pretty common. The Arena is fun, but gets boring. Then when you try to invade/host, you either get groups, or lagstabbers.

    You pretty much have to roll with the punches when it comes to PvP. I was top-5 on the SL 100 Arena ladder on 360 when the DLC came out, but I stopped playing DkS and went to other games. Had a streak of 34 or something.
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    Minus the lagstabs and gankers the game would be enormously better. Then those punks would pretty much get their asses smeared by people who are legitimately good. Here's a guy who's got a sweet anti-ganker, and he's really good at sideroll counters as well as utilizing the delayed sweep to trip people up (dunno if he does that delayed attack in this vid though):

  11. Yeah not really impressive. Low-humanity, than tank-flipping. His SL was 120, so its probably pre-DLC. Also his weapons arent versatile. Chaos Blade than BSS to back it up, way to narrow of attack.

    Best advice I can give when making a character for PvP is do be VERSATILE. Thats why quality builds are great. If your actually talented in combat, and dont need to spam Pyro/Faith/Sorcery than you can quickly adapt and change to any weapon to suit your situation with a quality build.
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    I agree. That's why I like to switch it up between black knight greataxe and white knight spear (very tricky to deal with someone who is good at white knight spear). Black knight greataxe just surprises people a lot with it's countering ability. But the dragon greataxe move that he was using, you know the one where you can suddenly change direction at the end, is just plain funny to use against gankers.
  13. Too be honest I only watched maybe 1 or 2 minutes of the video. I was too busy critiquing his build lol.

    And the BkGA and Silver Knight Spear are some of the top-tier weapons in the game. Black Knights is still kinda OP cause of the speed, and dead-angling abilities, even though the damage has been decreased.

    But the SKS is probably my favorite weapon in the game for PvP. It is what I used primarily for my 34 streak. People complain about it, but thats just because no one learns how to counter it, or they didnt months ago when I still played.

    Easiest way is to equip a shield, and just push forward with your shield up, and if you can, poke from behind the shield. Then they will probably try to BS you since your constantly moving forward, so you can just time a counter-BS or a rolling BS, or just time your attacks when they make themselves vulnerable.

    You can always use Tranquil Walk of Peace. People love to complain about it, but when you have a really good spear user who just rolls around, then TWoP is honestly perfect.
  14. Yeah, spears are the superior defensive weapons, while the BkGA is just tricky enough for an agressive strategy to work out. I've found that people have a hard time parrying at the right time when you really know how to use the BkGA. However I would agree that the SKS is my favorite weapon of all.
  15. Only time I parry, is if I got an opponent who just spams an attack. So just block/eat the first strike, and it perfectly sets up the parry on the next hit. Works with almost every weapon in the game.
  16. So I started playing again, and am in the process of making my Velkas Rapier build. I have been putting it off for some time since I view magic as ultimately useless in PvP, but am having a fun with it anyway.

    And the moveset for Velkas is just badass.
  17. Magic is just too easy to avoid. That is, unless you are using area of effect stuff and using your surroundings. Try to get them to run around corners into AOE spell damage, and magic isn't useless at all.
  18. that game is the shit

  19. I said magic in regards to my Velkas Rapier build, which is based on INT, which is used for Sorceries.

    I should of clarified and said I view Sorcery as rather useless in PvP. I dont think there are an AoE spells.

    Faith is IMO, very overpowered. TWoP destroys any quick/dex builds, Wrath of Gods is spammed a lot, and Great Magic Barriers renders Sorcery useless, including everyones favorite the Moonlight Greatsword. They also have the strongest weapon buffs, can heal yourself and others, and have ranged lightning attacks.

    Pyro is something that honestly any build could utilize. High damage, AoE spells. Manually throwing Chaos Fireballs is great, if your good at it than a Dex/Pyro build is very impressive. Only thing I think they should of added was a buff of some sort.

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