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Dark Side of the Moon?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by D9_THC, Jul 13, 2003.


Masterpiece? Or Masturbation?

  1. Masterpiece!

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  2. Total jizz encrusted masturbation.

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  3. Eh.... indifferent.

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  4. Haven't heard it! Slap me for my insolence!

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  1. Well?

    I just bought the 30th Anniversary Edition, and it's all remastered and shit. Sounds like it was recorded recently! And not in a toilet bowl in the 70s :p

    Ah. Get down to the funk of Money!

    *Huh! Get down! Ahhhhhh! Funky!*
  2. definetly one of the greatest albums of all time. And definetly nothing short of a masterpiece
  3. toatally fuckin rocks LONG LIVE FLOYD !
  4. Funny you should mention both masterpiece and mastrubation. I've always described "The Dark Side of the Moon" as a 43 minute auditory orgasm. I've also described it as a 43 minute masterpiece. I love it!
  5. I've had it on repeat all day!

    Oh, i lost count of how many times i strarted spacing out and just listening to it.
  6. Masterpiece, one of the best investments in music. I still don't know if I like The Wall better, but fucking masterpiece.
  7. I love Dark Side of the Moon. Probably my favorite Pink Floyd album.
  8. No competition....its just amazing....

    Comfortably numb is a close #2.....
    "there is no pain" ahhhhh i love it......
  9. wtf... i was sure i had replied to this thread long ago.

    HELL YEAH! DSOTM! definately their best.. which is saying alot because they have alot of amaaaaaazing albums.
  10. pink floyds albums go:
    5. Medlle
    4. The Wall
    3. DSOTM
    2. Animals
    1. Wish You Were Here

    DSOTM is still a classic amazing record though. i lvoe it :D
  11. ooh, are we gonna turn this into a top 5 floyd albums thread now? :D

    5.Division Bell
    2.Wish You Were Here
    1.Dark Side of The Moon

    (probably gonna edit that at a later date, but thats how it stands now)

  12. Come on man, atom heart mother is not worthy of being above the wall. Granted Summer 68 is a very kick ass song the rest of the album really does nothing. Even the floyd admit it's one of their worst.

    the final cut is a good album.. It's very different from the rest of floyd's work, which is why most fans dislike it. In a since of what we've all come to accept as a floyd album TFC is a dissapointment, but as a rock album it's a great peice of work (especially the last song, so gooooood.)
    i dunno if that last part made since, maybe i can better coment on it when i'me not blazed HAHA.
  13. hahahaha. i knew i was gonna get into this discussion at some point in this thread.

    ok... its been updated. (and willprobably be so again one day)

    the wall....
    i've had this discussion with every floyd fan i've ever met. i'm the only one i know who thinks this. If i was weaker minded i woulda buckled by now to the pressure. firstly let me buffer what i'm about to say with this: It is a GREAT album.

    all you guys gotta pull your head outta the sand. it is WAY to overrated. WAY. it's never been in my top five floyd albums ever. it honestly just isnt that good in my opinion. although atomheart may have gone from my top5, i still stand by what i believe. atom is better than the wall. i'm prepaired to even say that to their faces. heck... even bring syd back and i'll tell him too! lol.
  14. any of you chek out a cd called Dub Side Of The Moon
    it blew me away...its the whole darkside of the moon done in a reggae style
  15. I voted masterpeice... and since everyone else is listing their top 5...

    5. The Wall
    4. PATGOD
    3. Obscured by Clouds
    2. Animals
    1. DSOTM

    The order changes around from time to time, but the top 5 remain the same.

  16. that is one of my fav. songs ever. just luv it to death.

    i like the wall alot, but yeah it is overrated.

  17. i've heard the symphonic orchestral version of dsotm, but dub style... mmm... that sounds farkin great too.

    (the both being masterpieces thing anyways)
  18. Pink Floyd fuckin' rock.

    I have a few of thier albums:

    Dark side of the moon
    The wall
    wish you were here
    division bell
    A momentary lapse of reason

    (I think thats all of them)

    Don't have a fav, there all great.
  19. Eh, the wall is always REALLY good when i'm feeling down. You can just really get into it. I don't really have a fave album, but DSOTM is ... i'll have to go with masterpeice. "Money" is one funky song... so many songs of theirs just pull you in, it's unreal.
  20. I'm glad someone finally mentioned Momentary Lapse of Reason. Sorrow is my favorite Pink Floyd song for the music alone, man. All Pink Floyd albums are great because of the ways David Gilmore plays that slide guitar, especially through the synths. A master guitarist/musician. BB

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