dark rusty marks on my leaves please help new grower

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  1. Hi guys so my out door grow has been going pretty well only problem so far is these weird marks i cant figure what its from. What it could be is I was goin a bit heavy on the nutes. I have also been using neem oil but i have been using it more than once every two weeks because i see a lot of spider mites in the soil. I also might have used too much soap. its really bad on the little one they got the neem oil like 3 days in a row, i also gave them a little bit of veg nutes, i think that was a horrible idea which i will chalk up to experience. any help or suggestions are appriciated. the dark near the base of the big plant is the purps in its genetics, im talking about the stuff near the edges.

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  2. What you stated that you did to them is what's wrong with them. They will totally outgrow it all if you stop doing stuff to them for a while.
  3. Ok thanks for the reply I'll stop messin with them lol. I checked the ph and it was good.
  4. Hey turn out it was root aphids. I got them bad all my plants are infested. Im gonna start treatment tomorrow. Im goin with eiather lacewing larve or nematodes anyone know which is better nematodes seem better b/c their in the soil. but my buddy says the lacewing are the beasts.
  5. Good that you found the cause, sorry it's them, they aren't easy to get rid of. Treat them a few times and if you have a real problem PM freakbro1 he will assist you. He's a bug specialist.
  6. Ok so I'm more unsure what my problem is the more research I do. I have Also been finding fungus gnat larve in my soil I just found out. Could they cause the stress to my plants? Maby the aphids are just friendly

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