Dark period before harvest

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  1. Can anyone tell me about "dark period" before harvest. How long, purpose, temp, etc.
  2. Alright ill just answer this since noone is biting. Basically the point is to make the plant seem like its going to die. Some lower the amount of hours of light the plant gets late in flowering to do this, some leave it in the dark for 2 days up to a week.

    The reason why someone would do this is because not only does it increase yield (And supposedly resin) but it increases the amount of terpenes the plant produces. Terpenes or terpenoids, however its properly said result in things from a better tasting plant to the affects of serotonin on your brain, there are over 120 of them in this plant and we dont know what all of them do exactly, much like how there are over 60 cannabanoids and the situation still holds true. Try it out yourself and come back and tell the city what you think.
  3. wow tks for taking the time to help me out. just pulled my 2 plants this morning after 4 days of dark. i did notice they plumped up a good bit. i will dry and cure now. i will report later. tks again for ya help
  4. Hey did you notice that a lot of the pistils were white again? I heard this happens and was just curious.
  5. well i harvested 2 plants. one plant already had about 50% dark pistols going in, now the otherthe buds kind of exploded and plumped up.with many white pistils and growth. i pulled it after 4 days
  6. Nice, whats your name mean?
  7. well my first grow was Bubblegum closet grow LOL
  8. Mmm I figured, if I followed those standards mine would be "AtticMiraclegrowbagseedinfolgerscoffeepotnutrientburn" So I stuck with vox.
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  9. hey buddy what method did you use to cover your plants? I was thinking putting a garbage can over my female. would that work, or would there not be much air circulation and it be too hot?
  10. i just kept them in a closet lights off, and good air circ. i wouldn,t cover with can. i would move it if i could
  11. [quote name='"closetbubblegum"']i just kept them in a closet lights off, and good air circ. i wouldn,t cover with can. i would move it if i could[/quote]

    okay buddy I'll try and move it inside. thanks for the quick response!

  12. I laughed out loud about this!

    My name would be:


    Amazing that we all seem to start with the same story. My, how far we've come!
  13. The idea behind inducing a dark period is that it tricks the plant by stressing her out. It makes her think that there's not enough light to sustain her life, and in a last ditch effort to survive, and replicate (by creating seeds), she puts the rest of her growing energy into plumping up the buds. Increasing bud size, in theory, makes her a bigger target to capture pollen, and increase her odds of passing along her legacy. I have a bit about this in the book I'm writing about growing cannabis hydroponically.
  14. 4 days? Did you water them at all in those 4 days? I did 24 hours of dark prior to flower, plan to cut my lighting down to 10-8 hours last week of flower, than leave in dark for 36 hours prior to harvest...
  15. I wouldn't water them near the end.The roots search for water and it decreases drying time when you dry her out.
  16. Cool, I was not planning on watering, but 4 days seemed like a long time not to water, and still see growth...I can't wait to try this method...

    Should I throw into dark when Trichromas how I want them, or a bit early allowing for them to cloud up in that dark period?

    Thanks for advic...
  17. I water maybe once a week at this point, before it was every 2 -3 weeks, what soil do you have her in? What nutrients are you giving her?

    Im not sure what they do after you put them in the dark, I know that some of the pistils turn white again afterwards. I would throw them in when they look good to you because it means they are alive longer (More bud and more dense bud and of higher quality in terms of taste and smoke).
  18. I am in cocoir, down to earth 100% organic grow...

    I water every other day at this point, and will as needed through last few weeks of flower.

    Thanks for advice, don't want my pistils to turn white again, so I don't think I will go dark longer than 36 hours
  19. Oh, coco ok that explains it, hey its ok if your pistils turn white again, the trichomes are what is key, I'm gonna leave my girls in the dark for 4-7 days and see whats good.

    What week are you on again?

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