Dark period before Harvest?

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  1. I’ve seen mixed opinions online about this. I’ve read that leaving your plant in 24 hr darkness for 24-72 hours before chopping, will increase thc potency up to 30%.

    Has anyone actually tried this out? Any thoughts?

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  2. Never heard of that before
  3. Not even close. That's some made up stoner b.s. darkness doesnt increase thc at all. At best darkness will speed up trichome deterioration causing them to amber up some.
  4. Didn't make any difference for me...except the drop in my electric bill, LOL
  5. Another good one...
    Do your harvest before the lights come on...LOL
  6. UV- B waves will increase the amount of resin the plants produces up to 30% in the last 10 days of budding.
    UV- B waves will also burn your plants .
    I run mine 1 or 2 minutes on then 15 minutes off .
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  7. Are you running the SolaCure UV tubes ?
  8. How will you know its 30% more if you didn't try it prior to the dark period to do any comparison.
    I've never put it in the dark until its hanging for the dry .

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  9. Ok so the overall consensus is not to leave the plant living in complete darkness for 24-72 hrs ? Lmao I’m just coming up on harvest next week and wanted to make sure

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  10. Well, You COULD, but it isn't necessary....But it doesn't hurt them in any way,either...
  11. California light works UV -B tubes they might be solar cure I don't remember .
  12. I don't give any extended dark or light periods throughout the grow - I move from veg to bloom in the AM right after lights come on. I do the same when I harvest it is done first thing in the morning after the lights come on. then dry in a dark cabinet...
    Pretty sure I dont have a THC issue
  13. Here’s the thing I read..


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  14. Try it - let us know the results .....
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  15. Yes try it ! Clip a tip dry it out put the rest in time out for 3 days and then do a comparison and let us know so we can know
    Sometimes those old stoner myths might actually work .
    Who'd think to mix a fast growing hemp plant with a sativa or indica and make an autoflower
    Damm those stoners.
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  16. Why didn't you just post this info to start with , without the silly beat around the bush bull shit ?
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  17. I too have heard the "rumors" about leaving the plant in darkness its last couple of days alive......to improve, thc, taste,looks, etc................but I have never tried it
  18. Posting this first would’ve changed ur opinion? I wasn’t posting to prove this theory, I posted to ask people what their experiences have been and what methods they used. I found that on a different forum, it’s not like I found the study that info supposedly came from.

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  19. I've done it both ways many many times. Darkness does nothing. It definetly does not increase potency. 30% is ridiculous. Takes photosynthesis and time to increase potency.

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