Dark Horse Genetics Kings Banner XIII

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    I purchased a 10 seed Breeder Pack of regular beans.
    DarkHorse Genetics Seeds Kings Banner XIII Regular Marijuana Seeds. The description is as follows:

    Two outstanding strains combined to bring ultimate kushyness and potency together. This heavy hitter will cause couch lock effect. Very good variety for medical use will combat pain and insomnia.

    Genetics : King Louie XIII x Joseph OG x Bruce Banner #3
    Flowering Time : 63 Days
    Sex : Regular
    Type : Indica

    They threw in some free seeds. Freedom of Seeds Dieselicious, G13 Labs Seeds Strawberry Éclair, Short Stuff Seeds Auto Gorilla Shizzle. They also threw in Barneys Farm Seeds Cookies Kush, Dinafem Seeds Moby Dick, Humboldt Seed Organization Gorilla Breath, G13 Labs Seeds Skunk #1, Pheno Finder Seeds StarCake. And lastly I received a Strain Hunters Seedbank Seeds Flowerbomb Kush.

    All seeds are fem Photos except the autoflower. I'm psyched for my new seeds to arrive. I will be running 4 of the Kings Banner, I will be looking for at least one female sheesh. There may also be one or 2 autos grown along for the ride. Going to be harvesting my last girl this coming Friday. And I will have 2 empty tents. When seeds arrive this thread will begin. This will be my first journal on Grasscity with many more to come. Peace and love .

    8.14.2019 - 4 Kings banner regular seeds were placed into wet paper towel to germinate.
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  2. You got yourself a lovely order. Darkhorse are quality by the way.

    Where did you order from?
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  3. I ordered them from Attitude Seedbank
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  4. 8.16.19 all seeds have showed tap root. The seeds were planted into solo cups this morning with Promix. The first pictures should come in two or three days. The Purple Kush Auto was planted directly into a 3 gallon pot.
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  5. 8.18.19. All 4 Kings Banner are above the soil. The Purple Kush Auto has not shown her head yet.
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  6. 8.19.19 This morning Purple Kush Auto and Moby Dick photoperiod are above soil. So four Kings Banner, one Purple Kush Auto and one Moby Dick everyone is up and out the soil this morning. My son had his first baby yesterday. So I'm a proud grandpa, 8.5 pounds and 22 inches long, he was born with a head full of hair at 10:43 last night
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  7. Today it's time to add some visuals to this thread. So here are the first pictures of my babies. These are from about 15 minutes ago. The babies are 48 hours old. group.JPG kingsb.cups..JPG kings.banners.4.JPG moby,cup.JPG moby,dick.JPG pka.JPG
  8. Subbed in for the ride

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    Thanks for ridding along capitolp
    . :passing-joint:
  10. The babies are 7 days old today. They got their first light feeding yesterday. Nothing really going on at this stage so here is a look at the babies.
    kb (2).JPG
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  11. Today is day 12 for the babies. They have had 2 feedings so far. The last one was 2 days ago. The nutrients were mixed into a half gallon milk jug. 2ml Connoisseur A and 2ml Connoisseur B. They will get potted up early next week. It will either be Monday or Tuesday, into 1 gallon pots. They will stay in these pots until they show sex. If I get 2 out of 4 to be female that would be golden. If I end up with only one that's fine too that's what cloning is for. I love to clone and never lost a cut in 5 years. Knock on wood, here are the babies. The next update they will have on new shoes. :passtheshit:
    kingsbanner.JPG kingsbanner (2).JPG
  12. Yesterday the plants were transplanted from solo cups to 1 gallon pots. They seem to have done okay and enjoyed the change. They also got their third feeding yesterday after transplant. They received 4ml A and 4ml B of Connoisseur Grow.
    They also got 1ml Superthrive and 5ml Cal-Mag. Today is day 15 for the babies. The Kings Banner #4 is in the lead.

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    Pulled up a bucket, and here for the show.
    I really like the genes and good luck on the grow!
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  14. Thanks for taking time to visit the thread.
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  15. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to keep a detailed log on their grow. It shows dedication.
    My threads are typically way more spastic and adhd derived lol.
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  16. 9.6.19 The babies were fed yesterday 2ml Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow A. And 2ml Grow Connoisseur B. Also she was given 1ml Superthrive and 2.5ml CalMag. These babies are doing well and growing great. The lights were lowered to the plants yesterday as well. Well here is a look at the babies.
    9.6.19.KB.JPG 9.6.19.KB (2).JPG
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  17. They look great brother are you planning any kind of training or just gonna let them do their thing?

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    I plan on topping and super cropping.
  19. Here is Moby Dick, she was topped 3 days ago. Her nutrients got bumped up from 4ml a gallon to 8ml a gallon. She received a feeding of 8ml A and 8ml B, 5ml CalMag and 2ml Superthrive.
    9.12.19.MD.JPG 9.12.19.MD (2).JPG 9.12.19.MD (3).JPG
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  20. Okay here is the weekly update on the plants. They got a feeding yesterday. The nutrients got bumped up from 4ml a gallon to 8ml. They are doing good. They need transplanted, but their not showing sex yet. So I'm going to hold off on transplanting them. Here they are this morning.
    9.13.19.KB.JPG 9.13.19.KB (2).JPG

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