Dark harvest

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  1. gonna try so thin new on the diesel & Cindy 99-white widow
    Lights have been turned off , no more watering etc, leave for a week to ten days and then cure as usual then will post quality, how they responded etc
  2. No chop and hang dry at all?
  3. After the week or so of darkness
  4. What are you trying to accomplish? It doesnt make sense.
  5. Trying to see if this technique really works or does not
  6. Raises the thc level
  7. Let us know how it turns out.
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  8. I’ve wondered about this - the only thing i can think that may go wrong is the plant will take longer to dry out since it’s still pulling water from the soil. I also wonder if it will cause it to rot rather than dry.

    Only one way to find out. Good luck.

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  9. Agreed, I’m trying it, I have other irons in the fire so if they’re junk at the end I’m good
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  10. Hell yes no reason not to, in my personal opinion this is what growing is all about trial and error if were not trying new things then we are not learning and who wouldnt want to learn cool new ways to grow a stronger product?
  11. I believe it's two days lights off. Not a week.
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  12. What is this technique supposed to accomplish though with such a long unusual time frame? What's the end goal of going so long?

    Some people do a day or 2 of darkness but a week to 10 days just seems pointless. I didnt find a day or 2 did anything.
  13. It will not raise the thc level. Photosynthises needs to occur for this to happen. It will begin to accelerate to deterioration of the trics though.
  14. Maybe it's like edibles, if two dont work, try 7-10 and hold on tight lol
  15. Lol yaaaa... no

    Got to love the edible comas
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  16. Ha ha. I woke up from a one this morning! Still in zombie mode.
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  17. That’s how long I’m out of area
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  18. I wasn't busting your balls, just having a laugh.
    It's a viable experiment.
    Hell right now I'm trimming all my buds while still on the plant just to see if they'll produce more trichs. Probably wont work, but bud wasnt very frosty anyways, so...
    But like you, have more irons in the fire.
  19. That sucks. Hope it ends up all right. A proper dry and cure is just as important as the grow
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