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  1. What up blades? Long time since i last posted, but I'm back with my first post of this all auto grow. Today is day 13 since they started poppin out of the soil. Have a 1000w light dimmed to 75% right now with a MH bulb. There are 4 dark devil autos and 1 lemon pie auto. Doing a side by side test of 1 dark devil in a 3 gallon smart pot and lemon pie is also in a 3 gallon, the rest are all 5 gln. Follow if you want, not sure how often ill post but I like to show pictures........the following is day 0 to present day 13. Cheers

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  2. Sounds exciting, but that's hella lot of electricity for a few seedlings (even with the dimmer). You only need around 8,000 lux going to them when they're that young. If you have any problems, dim that bitch some more and raise the lights.
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  3. You're right, i was only doing it to see if there was a diff. But I turned it down to 50% lowest setting and moved light closer
  4. Day 21 from sprout.....Lst'd today.....topped all but 2 on day 17.....filter only down there for time being.....[​IMG]
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