Dark Curling Secondary Leaves

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Peflora, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Any idea what this is? I can provide a photo

    I grew with FF Grow Big and transitioned to Botanicare Pure Blend ProBloom

    I have been adding one TBS of Grow Big to 4 TBS of ProBloom to 2+ G of RO water (<10 ppm).Been keeping reservoir between 1500-1800 ppm. pH between 5.5-6. I take nutes from the res and dilute to less than half strength to foliar feed via spray bottle 5-8Xs per day.

    I am 4+ weeks into bloom. Buds seem to be developing nicely. Several weeks ago I noticed the secondary leaves were dark green and curling under like a Ram's horn.

    Five days ago I added 1 TBS Fulvic Acid (from BioAg) to the reservoir and therefore half-strength in the spray bottle.

    Secondary leaves have not responded. Should I stop using the Grow Big during bloom?

    Any other suggestions
  2. Too Much N ... NFM
  3. i wouldn't foliar feed 5-8X a day, personally. the buds will get wet and you'll probably burn some of your plants. as for the fan leaves, the plant will take energy away from them towards the end of flowering naturally because they are using the energy they stored in them during vegetative growth to invest into bud production.

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