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dark cloudy BHO

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by scottp7, Jun 21, 2013.

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    So this is the oil I just picked up. It's supposedly made in the same process as shatter but its much darker and looks and feels more like playdough. I haven't tried it yet but it's supposedly super flame, but why do you guys think it looks so weird? is it like impure? bho.png

  2. It looks dark and underpurged.
    The color could be dark for a variety of reasons, usually too much heat in the purge process can cause it to darken and lose flavor. Also grinding the nug or trim you use can cause chlorophyll to be leached into your product causing it to appear green and have a hashy flavor. 
    So right off the bat, off to a bad start.
    It's clearly not shatter. even if it was dark oil you can tell if it's purged properly. This oil you have doesn't look purged completely, either they just used heat and it buttered up after trapping tane in it, or didn't vac purge properly. 
    I would either throw it back in pyrex, heat it up to a sappy consistency and wait until theres no more reaction, or winterize the whole batch. Dissolve your oil in 99% ISO or Ethanol,  put it in the freezer overnight, strain it onto pyrex, then evaporate with a hotplate on low temps. 
    Either way you'll lose more terps and flavor but at least you'll know it's properly purged. 
  3. It could be dark from any number of issues, from age to overheating during the process to poor starting material.
    I've made stuff similar to that color when had ground up material, that was aged. A low and slow purge of 18 hrs in a vac chamber didn't help with the color, but the stuff did a right powerful job in the high department. It just didn't look very pretty, and could have had better taste.
    I won't say it's underpurged from the pic, but it is possible. It's too dark to see if there are a lot of bubbles trapped in the oil. 
  4. hitman47 is right on the money, i'm paraphrasing...
     if u have a vac chamber and pump, get that sappy consistency on a piece of parchment and purge it until there's no more reaction.

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