Dare Officer Convinces Kid To Bring Parents Pot To School

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  1. That kid has no idea. Parents should have taught him better 
  2. He was only 11, but yea they should have taught him better or not let him know. I never even considered that kids could get you caught like that.
  3. That is fucked up. Why would you even do that to dude's family?
  4. That's what cops are. It's what they do. They're hooked on that pat on the back.
  5. Someone should pat these cops on the back with 00 buckshot
  6. just what a ASS
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    I remember when D.A.R.E. would come to my school and we were all so proud of ourselves for pledging to be drug free. Fucking bullshit. I hate D.A.R.E now it's all about L.E.A.P.

    Wait nevermind maybe's not leap but there is a group for officers against prohibition or something...

    Since apparently this post is difficult to comprehend let me add - LEAP is fucking awesome and I hope one day they are at schools instead of DARE.
    Get off my god damn nuts.
  8. Let's Enjoy A Pipe?

    OIC you mean Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  9. What's weird is that DARE is still around! It has been shown to be ineffective (a total waste of tax dollars!)
    A short-term, quasi-experimental evaluation of D.A.R.E.'s revised elementary school curriculum.        (abst – 2010)       http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21038762
    Perhaps some of you should comment and educate folks about that PubMed (where their doctor gets his info) study! (I've been commenting in the news all day- YOUR turn!)
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    all it does it make kids curious
    but this reaks of undue influence.  hello lawsuit and charges dropped....
  11. I wonder if the DARE officer honestly believes he is doing the community a service here. I don't think the parents deserve what happened to them but I do think that you should do a better job hiding that you smoke from your kids until they're old enough to understand.
  12. I remember my DARE officer telling me, "Smoking pot gives you cancer, and is 20 times worse than smoking tobacco!"
    ...lol didn't stop me.
    Never met a dare officer but I remember in health class the teacher said that smoking one joint would be as harmful as smoking between 4 and 20 cigarettes. 
  14. yeah i think for me it was 1 joint is equal to 1 pack of smokes or some shit like that...didn't stop me! lol
    I smoke bowls anyway but I just thought it was funny that they were saying 1 joint = 4-20 cigarettes. 
  16. Haha so do I, I've been smoking daily since 06 and I've probably smoked 10 joints in that wholetime, with maybe 5 blunts :laughing:
    Damn, you've really avoided joints and blunts. I started smoking when I was 18 (almost 3 years ago) and smoked daily for a good year and a half at least (been off and on since then) but I've smoked dozens of blunts and a decent amount of joints in that time. It all depends on who I'm smoking with though because my first choice  would always be to just smoke a bowl.
  18. Never understood why they needed dare officers to tell kids drugs are bad. Shouldnt this be taught

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