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  1. I've wanted to grow my own head stash since I started smoking as a teenager and now I finally have the space, time, opportunity and lack of legal concerns so I've setup my first grow tent. I plan to grow 2 plants each of three different strains on an ongoing basis for my personal use and the enjoyment of growing. I bought the majority of my supplies including the two GalaxyHydro 300w LED grow lights and the Apollo 4x2 tent that are the main components of my setup from Amazon and I think the only thing I'm missing is a humidity/temperature monitor and some clones to get started but wanted to get second opinions and introduce myself first.


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  2. Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep the LED lights in place? They turn to different/random angles like in the pics and I think it would be better if I could keep them lined up parallel with the tent.
  3. I did a practice run of watering tonight, after letting tap water sit in my watering can for a few days I measured the ph which was 7+ I got down to ~6 and then watered my "plantless" pots. I assume adding the nutrients to the water will change the ph also, so is the correct procedure to add the appropriate amount of nuts to the water and then adjust the ph or do you adjust the water add the nutrients and pour?

    I also used some dental floss to get the lights to stay in more even position. Overall I think I'm ready to grow at this point.

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  4. Ph to 6.0 is a bit low for growing in soil. 6.3-6.6 is the range I go for. Before you get some plants into those pots add at least 25% perlite to the soil, happy frog is good but only has a little perlite and is pretty dense.
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  5. Thanks for the tips, I still haven't had time to go get clones and before I do I will test water again aiming for a ph of ~6.4. I will buy some perlite to add to the soil and am also thinking that I want to start off in solo cups and then transfer to the 1 gallon pots.

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