dante's inferno?

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  1. i love this game. i'm a huge god of war fan but i think dante is cooler and more brutal than kratos. i think the visuals are better. the gameplay seems more fluid. i mean you fight death take his scythe and then go through all the levels of hell and fight lucifer. i think the battle of heaven and hell is cooler than greek mythology.
  2. Ive only played God of War demo's, But Dante's Inferno was fun as hell. The first third of the game was a huge rush, and then the second half felt like a grind. Worth playing for sure.
  3. it truly was hell.
  4. I may have to look into this, i've heard others say it was good and i've been looking for a new game lately. Would you say rent or buy?
  5. that depends on how big of a gamer you are. does it take you a while to beat a game? do you like to go back and replay? I bought it when it came out and dont regret a thing

  6. Ill probably just rent it. I usually don't replay single player games and if i need to ill just rent it for 2 weeks instead of 1 cause how fast i beat it depends how much time i have to play.
  7. Yah, I bought it and then resold it. Not a whole lot of replay value for me, but worth playing through the story for sure.
  8. Just played the demo. That was awesome definitely gonna rent it.
  9. No where near as good as GoW

    felt like i was playing a crappy version of it.
  10. love this game... have beaten it 3 times on 3 different levels. dante would bang kratos' mom and show him the vid.

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