Discussion in 'General' started by ksn2122, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Someone should really make this a site.


    A play on the popular porn site, spankwire.com.

    Obviously for bud porn instead.

    Thoughts? Just curious to see the general reception.
  2. Lol, maybe I'm just too fucked up and this is a terrible idea?
  3. i asked my friend who makes websites and he said no:( sorry!

    i can't make websites...
  4. I didn't mean it seriously, I was just wondering if anyone else thought it was funny at all or a decent idea
  5. who cares what anything else thinks. If you like it make it I'll visit
  6. lol holy fucking shit the tags on this thread made me spew my dr pepper on the screen. well played

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