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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GeorgeW Kush, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever thought about just dedicating an entire Thanksgiving to inviting people over for a feast with nothing but edibles?

    I would invite all of GC Over :cool:

    Shit would be off the chain.
  2. Oh Jesus. Fuck yes
  3. We would be very dankful LOL
  4. Muthafucka jacked my word!
  5. I got the word from this guy :cool:
  6. Holy shit. I would get so fucking stoned.
  7. :cool:
  8. LOL!
    But seriously, I just wanna get high as fuck then feast on this thanksgiving, I've never gotten high on a Thanksgiving...
  9. That'd be awesome, but I would not wish to host such an event haha
  10. I say we all just make it an official stoner holiday that started right here on GC. I know I'm about to celebrate that shit :smoke:

  11. you are missing out :d
  12. Why in the fuck are you all up on my shades and shit?!:cool:
  13. i would get so stoned i wouldnt wake up till the next danksgiving

  14. Lets do it broskis
  15. First you get the sickest username ever and then you think of this bomb ass plan? Are you Jesus?
  16. super nice! I gotta smoke after I eat though lol.
  17. awww shyt.

    whats stopping u bruh?

    get the plan rollin.

    this would be helllla sick.
  18. OG Pumpkin Pie mmmm cut me a slice.
  19. Alright, BUT it shouldnt be on Thanksgiving...

    I have to do family shit probably. Im guessing a lot of people will. Different Date and im down.
  20. We could do Easter, but instead of candy in the eggs there's nugs haha and like everybody has to bring a few gs and we all blaze up put the nugs into eggs and hide that shot in the forest, now that would be fun.

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