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  1. Anyone have any experience with dankseeds.org?? I never see you guys mention them as a domestic seed bank. I'm starting to think I went wrong ordering from them....
    Thank you guys for the knowledge....
  2. I wouldn't worry yet.
    I looked at the website, and it looks legit, but illegit is hard to tell.
    It might take 2+ weeks to get seeds.

    I've added them to my list of breeders, and might try a small order from them in the future.
  3. Just to clarify I have my seeds. Ended up with a hermie somewhere i cant find. Asking about quality as a breeder. No doubt I made some mistakes to stress them. Just trying to get to the bottom of this small bump in the road.
  4. What one hermied
  5. I'm thinking this northern lights auto. Seeded up a black Domina photo nice. Fucking sucks . Was wondering how stable their genetics were since I never hear anyone mention them around here.
  6. The two seeds pictured are the two I just recieved
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  7. Hopefully everything is better with your next grow. Let us know we are watching and waiting for your answers. I know other have used dankseeds and I wanna put and order in soon
  8. 3 days maybe.

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