Dankohzee's "Request a Review" Amsterdam Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dankohzee, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. That's right, Dank's going to the dam next week--and I'm hitting it with super deep pockets, haha! As a service to the community, I'm taking strain review requests. If you kept a grow thread last season, or if you're one of my Grass city brethren, I'll do my best to honor your request with a full review--hopefully including bud shots. Just do me a favor and only request one. I'll be sending invitations and links to the aforementioned brethren, but I'm in a bit of a hurry right now. I'm trying to hook up with a little Hawaiian Snow :D
  2. Hey Danko, I know that you like a few Barney's strains as I do. I saw your groovy job with the Sweet tooth and I have smoked sweet tooth and I love it. That being said I like the high of the LSD more and you have to get that from Amnesia but the all girl crew is groovy anyway if have not checked it out already. I reccomend LSD for one of your next projects, that strain stands up to anything and rocks :D :wave:
  3. Thunder is the man when it comes to the Dam. I will do some research and see if I can find anything in particular I would like to see. :) :cool:

    Oh and I am super jealous your going!!! :p
  4. Hey Shaggy :wave: Im jealous to, I have not been over for a couple of years. Its expensive now with the euro and I'd have to get somebody to look after things here.

    I still crave some LSD though, Im getting more next seed order for sure :D
  5. Ya but your a hell of alot closer than me. Lol. :p

    I am going to make the trip out there one day. Yeah I gotta try that LSD from Barney's one day. :smoke:
  6. Most hardy strain I have ever grown, even in the bad temps when the Red dragons shit out on me they just grew and yeilded fine. My purple winter batch was just as fat but funky purp :D
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    Hey Danko! glad you made this thread. See if you can check out 2009 sativa winner called Ceres Hilton. :D :wave: I can't find much on it.
  8. i really wanted to know about the hawaiian snow, flavor wise, ...while your there please tell us what was the best most flavorfull smoke regardless of high, i would be very interesting to me, thx
  9. Any strain of The Doggies Nuts. They are quite expensive (seed wise) and I've always wondered if it was worth it.
  10. If you can get some Moby Dick Id like to know what it's like. I ordered 10 seeds at 14 bucks each which is damn expensive, so I'd like to see if what I got was worth it. Cheer mate!:smoke:

  11. LSD is a definite, as is violator kush and some of the amnesia stock.

    :^) It's my turn man, haha! I've been watching peeps fly off to Amsterdam for years. It's my turn, dammit.

    Will do Killa. I'll see if I can't hunt it down ;^)

    It's not. It's outrageous what they're charging for seeds.

    Which breeder?

  12. Dinafem seeds
  13. i second the most flavorfull smoke idea
  14. There is a victim in the journals section who has bought thier seeds, do a search. Only one has even popped
  15. wow Danko , sounds like you sure got alot of work cut out for ya, hope your up to it:rolleyes:, seriously, dont get too high so you forget to report back too us
  16. GHS - Arjan's Strawberry Haze
  17. try the pink kush in popeyes coffee shop:)
  18. I'll be trying most of GHSco's stock to be sure. Also on my list are a bunch of reserva Privada strains and also a strain or two from thseeds. Getting too stoned to post won't happen. Researching and testing:D strains is my main reason for going, and I want to have a written record of each test just in case i forget:eek:.
  19. Can't wait to read all the reports, thanks bro. :smoking::wave:
  20. Anything from Sannies. He has a wide selection of great strains. Any of his strains you can find and report on would be great. Mainly the Chocolate Rain, I am really interested to hear if it really does have a chocolate taste to it. :yummy:

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