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  1. What's Up Grass City? Man I'm chomping at the fugging bit to get started on my outdoor project this year, and I've purchased a Secret Jardin 4x4, in hopes that I may be able to save a bit of money this year by putting out clones. Only recently have I found myself in position to do much indoor work, unfortunately, so I don't have any seed stock of my own. In March I'll be in Amsterdam for six weeks, taking notes and talking to people about various strains. I hope to come back with a nice line-up for next year.

    Anyway, I'm stting up as we speak, and I'm not going to lie--I'm not an indoor grower and will need the help of the community. I'll be posting more detais later, including specs on the tent and lighting system, but right now I want to get this thread up.

    Yo! Augustwest! yo man, way you at? I'm-a-gonna need you man!
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    Hey Danko :wave:, you need to add a link to this thread in your signature dude :p

    I loved my secret jardin tent but the zip has busted on it. I'd get some velcro just in case as I know that Freedom's tent zip busted too. Other than that they are super groovy, I flowered my girls in mine and they liked it.
  3. whats happenin' dank? glad to see you have a new thread. :wave:
  4. SWEEEET!!! Research in Amsterdam :cool:
    sub'd :wave:
  5. So here are some of the specs:

    The tent:
    - Secret Jardin 4x4


    -hydrofarm 125 watt cfl to start with
    -budget 1000 watt HPS
    -lighting will most likely be upgraded throughout the grow


    - not yet purchased or installed, awaiting input from the community


    -this is pretty much a practice run. I have some UDG stock that a member gifted me: GGxbluebonic, GGx skunk#1, and GG#3. I've cracked the GGxSK1 and am planning to run them real quick like. My partner will be fininshing the grow as I will be in amsterdam:hello:, but when I return I intend to get something going that I may be able to take some cuttings from for my outdoor project.

    I'll admit, I'm going into this a little half ass. I didn't expect to get started until my return, but the free seeds inspired me to get started sooner ; )

    My first request is for suggestions on how to set up the ventilation in this beeyotch. My hood is basic--no flanges--and as I've said, I haven't yet purchased the fan. Now because of my upcoming trip (yes, I fully intentd to rub it in ya'lls faces at every opportunity--you would too!), I'm on a budget. The fan has to be cheap as possible, but it has to be effective. Secret Jardin seems o advocate using a can fan...

    maybe I better try to get a couple of pics...

    This will be a soil grow in Smartpots using organic nutes. If any of you have seen my outdoor thread, you have witnessed the excellent results I had with these outdoor last season.

  6. D'oh! yeah man, I'm a little disappointed in the construction of the tent compared to the Hydrohut I had (and never used because of the recall). It's not nearly as lightproof and the frame is super cheesy compared to the HH.

    Me too Killa! I'm lost without some bitches to attend to ; )

    yes! It's a working vacation...honest!
  7. Sounds just like my project at the moment :eek: .

    I like the frame of my tent, it had plenty of room to hang stuff. I like mine must have been the bigger one, also it was pretty light proof until the zip bust. Im thinking of using it to line my flowering cab to save me doing some DIY.

    Good luck in Amsterdam dude, get some LSD from Amnesia while you are over there. Barney's sell the seeds online but not in Amsterdam, I loved it for my indoor grow and I saw what you did with that sweet tooth :eek: :cool:. I think sweet tooth taste better than the LSD but the high is something else.

    Have fun strain testing dude :D I think it is expensive over there now. One of Barney's coffee shops has a volcano setup for you to vape your bud :cool: You just get a bag from the counter.
  8. I am in. :smoking:

    What type of hood are you going to run on that 1000watter??? You going to want one that is sealed and has ventilation ports on both side so you can pull the hot air out of the hood without it effect your temps in your tent. With my 600HPS in my 76"x76"x76 monster tent I some pretty high temps. The only thing saving me on that is the inline fans and the ventilated hood for the light. :)
  9. WWman went hydro and DankO is going indoors, wtf is going on lately? Should be a fun trip for sure man, hope you dont mind if I sub myself in here;):D. I dont have enough experience to give good advice but I am a voyeur by nature so Ill be lurking in the shadows....wait a 1000watt in a 4x4, there wont be any shadows :cool:.
  10. Yes Shaggy, that would be ideal. Really, that's the obstacle that I hope you all may be able to help me overcome without having to spend anymore dough. My hood is just a basic economy hood. I use my light for roughly 2 weeks a year, and I set it up in a huge, drafty barn, so venting isn't a prob. Now its going to be. The only advantage I have is my room is going to be very, very cool--cold sometimes. If I have to raplace the hood, I will, but the light is such a cheapo, i sort of hate to because I know I'll end up buying a whole new light. any suggestions? I know 1000 watt HPS is huge for this tent, but it's what I have and I would love to work with it if I can--just this once.

  11. Hi ya dankozee...:wave:

    I would recommend a 6" can fan and carbon scrubber with passive intake,
    this should cool that tent with no issues ...:D
    im gonna have to tag along on this... :smoking:
  12. Is smell going to be an issue? If not then you could get a 6" inline fan ($40) and hang it pretty close to your fixture so it can suck the hot air from the bulb and run ducting off the other side of the fan out of the exhaust port in your tent to dump the hot air outside. You are definitely going to need a decent intake fan system as well and the same type of fan will do the trick and have some regular fan in there to keep the air moving. Make sure you set it up so it can be raised and lowered if you plan to lower the light fixture up and down or if you are just going to use a rack to raise the plants to the lights.

    As I think of more I will post it up. If you have any questions just ask I will do the best to help you out or help you find the info. :)
  13. Thats the same tent that I used and I had a few temp problems with running a 600w, no doubt you will have to have the 1000w as high up as you can. I have a problem with temps here, in winter I use the light to keep the girls warm and a heater during lights out. In summer I have to keep it cool as my gilrs get to hot.

    I also run fresh air and in out through 2 CFM fans, cheap but loud. I don't think you will have a problem with cold temps during lights on if you do run the 1000w. Good luck man, looking forward to the show

  14. Dankoze :wave: glad 2 have uinside 4 awhile anyway.....im not a tent grower so can't help u there.....but i can help out maybe later on.....if u don't mind i'll pull up a chair 2...:smoking:
  15. Awesome! that's exactly the sort of input I was looking for. Thanks for the warm welcome too guys. I've always wanted to spend a lot more time over here, but haven't had the opportunity to join in all the fun until now ;)
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    Higha Dankohzee! I didn't think I'd see you back until spring. It's great to have you back on GC!:hello:

    I am very stunned that you mentioned my name. ? Am I the right buzz? :eek: I'm just a newb Dank. I'll help in any way I can though. ;)

    I have the same tent, the DR120. Be sure to rub some soap on the zippers for easy glide, info compliments of LBH.

    I can't wait to see what you do with 1000w in there! OMG, this is going to be good! :D

    edit: Oh, I wanted to tell you about the 6" inline fan I got at HTG. It has 2500 rpm's, and blows a cool 424. It's only a hundred bux. A liittle loud, but you can fix that.
  17. Man I hate to be the barer of bad news but I think youre absolutely gonna have to get a vented hood to cool that 1000w hps. I had one in a 7x6 closet and tried to go without venting it, just had the carbon filter set right next to the light with a 6in vortex and a bunch of regular fans to keep heat from building up and it was pushing 100 degrees in there in the fall. Unless you can get some extremely cold air to pull into the intake, I think your gonna have to spend the cheese on a basic vented/sealed hood. :(
  18. Hey Dank, I have the same tent as well and the same inline fan Buzz previously mentioned. And like she said, rub some soap on those zippers to make them glide a little better and not cause so much wear and tear (someone in here mentioned their zipper broke:confused:). When I first got mine, I thought they were stiff and she dropped that piece of info on me(thanks Buzz;)). With the way temps are around this area this time of year, I just leave a couple of the bottom socks open on the tent as a passive intake(don't know how serious you are about light proofing, not that much escapes at all though), and keep the window to the room open to let that cold air in. With the 6" fan in there, it will pull plenty of fresh air into the tent and exhaust it back out one of the 6" openings at the top of the tent. Yours may be a little more difficult to cool because you are using 1000 watts and I am using 400, but I would think if you hung your light at a reasonable height above the canopy, you could maintain a nice average temperature. I keep my light 18in. above the tops and the temps range from 70 to 80 at most with light on, and that's on a warm day. When my little run of auto's finish, I'm starting my outdoor strains in there to veg them for awhile before they get taken outside. I think we will have a nice summer season here this year too or one can only hope. Good luck wiht your trip to Amsterdam and hope everything goes well for you.
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