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Dankity Dankkkkk! 1/4 OZ *Macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kushman2020, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Some good local shit. Cost me $90 a 1/4. Really strong indica, not the greatest I smoked, but still way beyond decent. Good taste, earthy, slightly sweet smell. Enjoy the pics!:D
  2. very nice pickup...enjoy:smoke:
  3. I always do :bongin::bongin:
  4. the non shakey bits look good!
  5. The stuff was so delicate that it was just flaking off as I set it up lol. I think my guy let it get too dry. It still smoked great, even the shaky parts
  6. lookin nice .. how much the slice run you?
  7. $90 a 1/4
  8. Looks very good, pretty good price to for that dank. I'd pay that all day.
  9. yeaa man .. thats a very nice buy yoo
    good looking shit man
    +rep to you sir
  10. Looks nice and frosty. Just how I like 'em.

    Smoke up man. :smoking:
  11. Nice buds bro. Dank. :smoke:
  12. Wow man making my mouth water. +rep
  13. Where are you from, man? I've got some stuff that looks similar.
  14. that looks like some good reg
    enjoy that
  15. tri state area
  16. not to be an asshole or anythin and please take no offense to this but,
    your a fuckin dumbass if you thinks thats regs... even if you call it good
    that isnt regs nor close to it
  17. So your politely calling him a fucking dumbass?:rolleyes:

    Great dank by the way buddy, making me jealous!
  18. yea bruh u got a pretty good price for what you got good pick up
  19. basically..but then again its probably more like ..dume-ahss

    nice pick..very nice price..i pay double for that in bmore
  20. i said no offense and that i wasnt tryin to be an asshole in that comment i made
    but i mean you really do have to be stupid to think thats regs

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