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Dankest weed you ever had?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankestNugs, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. What is it?
  2. my first time buying bud got me the dankest ive ever seen
    dont know the strain but i smoked .1 and i couldnt stand and i just laid down for 4 hours immersed in euphoria 
    fucking great
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  3. My first grow ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1423358872.631769.jpg

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  4. Got some medical a while back. The purp on this tree was so dark it looked almost black. The green was a deep forest green, and the hairs were the color of orange sunshine. It smelled like straight up gas the taste was like eating raw marijuana. No idea what strain it was though. Damn, I wish I could get my hands on some more of that!
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  5. Rainbow Kush...I can only dream of smoking that again...smokegasm
  6. northern lights and vanilla kush tie in first
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  7. Sounds cliche, but sour D. When it's grown right it's hard to beat. But I also enjoy a citrusy lemon haze grown with lemon slices. I know it's cheating to get the flavor but it's dank
    Northern lights is dank, haven't knowingly had that in years
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  8. Once it was so dank, all I had to do was look at it through a baggie and I was beyond stoned.
  9. I had this skunk back in the day that had me laid out after half a joint dunno if it was actually skunk but it smelled very skunky and fresh. It made my friends nose bleed. Although it might have been our tolerances that made it so bomb it was the first ounce of true very high grade we had smoked. I prolly have better weed now but my tolerance is up there.
  10. it was actually only my 3rd time ever smoking, my first imd i don't think i got high, my second i was slightly high. then the 3rd time my friend bought a half o of the northern lights and between me him and another friend we smoke around 10g and i was just out of this world, my first time ever being truly high it was amazing. haha i remember we okayed with legos in his basement for hours than went to the park and played haha
  11. dat labrador man good shit
  12. The best weed I ever had wasn't very dank in terms of looking/smelling good and being all sticky, but it was dank as hell in terms of the high.  The bud in question looked like absolute shit, I almost didn't buy it.  What had happened was my usual guy was out of weed, so he hooked me up with a sack he bought from his neighbors.  His neighbors were from Afghanistan and got all this weed from home that they would mix with tobacco, about 50/50, and just puff on all day long out of a hookah.  It looked like it was sick, it was very dry, grayish in color, and had been pressed.  Probably into bricks for transport I'd imagine.  The result was something that didn't even look like good swag, and the smell/taste was even worse.  You know what one of those bathroom urinal cakes smells like?  That's what it smelled/tasted like.  I'm guessing maybe that's what the stuff was packed in.  But in spite of the fact it looked/smelled/tasted like hell, it's the highest I've ever been with my tolerance intact.  Unfortunately (for me at least) these guys weren't in the business of selling, they basically just had enough for personal use.  They were large shipments, but they had to make it last, so that's the only time I ever got any of it.  They were just doing a solid for their neighbor, who was doing a solid for me by finding a loose sack for me between re-ups.  
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    Probably have to be this white widow i got to smoke with one of the bands playing at summer camp. It was frosty and looked white from the trichomes .
  15. Dankest Strains that I've smoked(1 being dankest,10 being the worst of the dankest)
    1) Private Reserve
    2) Blackout
    3) Black Mamba OG
    4) Blue Dream
    5) Banana OG
    6) G13
    7) Sour OG
    8) Cotton Can't Kush
    9) Khalifa Kush (And yes, I've found and smoked it)
    10) Jedi OG

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  16. Northern lights

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  17. I live in a state where there aren't really names of weed... just "quality." I've had dealers tell me "ohh it's some white rhino" or "Sour D" just to make people buy it. But it's all the same around here.
    It's really easy to get my hands on what is called "loud" or "fire" here. People mainly just call it "kush"
    It's actually harder to find "reggie" or "mids" but i'm not complaining there.
    Prices are $20 a gram for high quality. But i don't know the price of mids because i've never bothered with it.
    My state sucks when it comes to weed. and Until we have dispensaries running I'm not gonna bother with the names of strains. I just want to know if it will get me high.
    For me, the best kind of bud is the kind that's dense, sticky, and offensively smelly. I remember my first 4/20 where I smoked a huge bowl and passed out before I could finish it. It was purple and dark green, which i haven't seen since that day. and that was over a year ago. It was incredible.
  18. What ever my back yard produces.
  19. forgot the strain name but.. got it from a guy named mclovin. swear it was mixed with keef or something, there was a few bowl toppings just loose inthe bag from a gram. good times.. 

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