Dankest shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Burn Em Up, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. last night me and my boys all got an eighth of shrooms each... we just got them and ate them ...after we ate them, we walked through the woods to get to another friends house a few blocks down.. by the time we got into his garage, everyone had uncontrollable laughter and we laughed so much everyone like teared up haha... but after the giggles, the trippy shit came...i cannot explain these shrooms but they were so much differnt than the normal shroom. it was almost like going crazy...in our heads wewould talk to our selves and freak out and see crazy shit...but anyways..i had a great time overall, but my stomach is killing me!:smoke:
  2. i've had these shrooms you speak of before hahah :)
  3. were they regular cubenis the purple ring ones?
  4. I just got over the giggles, abd nowthe real trippy shit's happening from 3 hits of acid
  5. I think I might have had the same shrooms yesterday. Best trip of my life :hello:
  6. lolololol at dank shrooms.

    i wonder whether anyone says 'hey man, i got some dank ass meth!' :smoke:

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