dankest shit ive had in at least 6 months

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. white rhino :D
    ill let the pics do the talking

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  2. one more shot, this is the only nug i have left from the 1/8 i bought - which was $25

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  3. damn dude, with the prices and quality of bud you get i would have smoked myself retarded by now
  4. You shoulda picked up an oz or somethin man...shit like that would go for 60+ an 8th

  5. You're friends with the grower I take it? Damn good prices, and some quality looking trees too. :D
  6. thats why im moving to canada as soon as college is over....
    preferably bc

  7. im almost there man..i smoke everyday, at least 4 or 5 joints on slow days.

    i would have grabbed more but im broke atm..he has more and i will be getting more soon

    yes i know the guy that grew this..pretty close friend

    ive been to bc and i live in alberta, and u can get quality bud for good prices in both places. alberta is cheaper to live in tho, housing n shit doesnt cost as much
  8. shit looks pretty dense.....

    i've had some shit that looked like that before.....is that P-91 or Trainwreck???
  9. no, its white rhino..from dutch seed co or emery seeds, cant remember

  10. I'd guess its White Rhino... :D
  11. I get the same shit, but it costs me about 45 an 1/8th
  12. amazing as usual dude, nice trichs nicely trimmed nug...keep smoking

  13. yea my buddy really takes the time to clip all the leaves and he cures it nice. always turns out good
  14. that looks like the shit i had 2 days ago,i only had $10 canadain so i bought 2 grams and smoked that with my lil buddy,were like 2 or 3 years apart in age and he has some mental and/or speach prob but thats ok i like him all the same and we got so messed up the next day i woke up a lil stoned it was great hehe

  15. OH, ok.....part of the White Widow family........

    my homeboy talk bout that White Rhino shit alot, it looks fuckin dense though.......nice bud.......

  16. yes it is indeed part of the white widow fam, and that little nug gave me about 3 nice sized joints (single sized papers)

  17. AAAAAAHH!!!!

    u put the nug in joints???? u just wasted ya money......unless u got it fo free.......
  18. no i didnt waste my money at all, when i get high, i smoke a j, then come inside and hit my bong. its just how i do shit, cuz just a joint or just bong hits dont do it for me, ill be buzzed but not high enuff. so i get the mixture of highs

  19. youre deformed then......

    my bong gets me high just fine......
  20. my bong would get me high just fine too if i sat there and smoked like 5 bowls. remember shit affects everyone differently, my tolerance is high too

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