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dankest dank of the dankity dank dank.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OGkushak, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Bought a half of this for 130 of a new guy. Shit is probably the best smoke i've ever had. Had me higher than my first time after a bong sesh, almost to intense, had the craziest cevs ive ever had. anyways heres the bud porn.



    love colorado for this :D

  2. Went blind for a moment nice pick up need that shit here enjoy:D

  3. thanks man :D, move to colorado and your wishes will come true! lol
  4. what strain? Looks nice :)

  5. wish i knew! its a good hybrid though, body high was really intense and my mind was spinning all night. :smoke:
  6. Looks very nice. What are 'cevs'?

    How'd you meet the new guy? Thru friends or your other dealer?

  7. "closed eyed visuals" had some intense patterns rushing around when i closed my eyes, very cool. It was actually through a friend of mine.
  8. I'll brb with some toilet paper
  9. in serious need of a high res camera. lol these pics just dont do enough justice.

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