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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 2313, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. When it comes to classifying bud do you do it or do you let your dealer tell you what it is? The reason I'm asking is because my friends older brother is well known for having the best bud around. Anyways he is getting me 5g of what his brother called "dank" and "top of the line". The kid isn't a scumbag and I know him well so he isn't gonna lie to me. Do you guys think I got a good deal 5g for 70 of dank?
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    I think it's pretty good. Where I'm from $60 will get you an eighth, so yeah... Sounds legit. Oh and don't ever let what someone tells you override what you think. If the guy says it's dank and then you get it and it's not dank in your eyes, then it's not dank. Always have to do your own research. :bongin:
  3. 5gs for 70 is decent, if its dank bud.

    Next time spend the 115 for a quart.
    Your wallet will thank you, so will your thc/cbd receptors!
  4. And when you buy weed you just gotta think for yourself.

    Some scummy people might tell you reg is dank and make a 900% profit return on your ass.
    And some good folks might tell you "its good" and it turns out to be the best weed you've ever smoked.

    Just go with your'll be a great judge of weed and character in no time lol
  5. I get quarters for 90 if that's what u mean
  6. #6 JCM2, Jun 15, 2013
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    Then why in the world would you buy 5 grams for 70?

    I guess it works out about right now that I think about. 5 for 70 is an OK deal if its good...

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