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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by subwoofer73, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Had to get an eighth of this stuff for 50 bucks. It's covered in trichomes. It smells amazing and the high is real nice. It has that distinctive citrus fruity funky skunky smell. :smoke: You get a nice heady high and body stone with this mixed unknown strain. This is some of the most powerful bud i have had in a while. :cool:

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  2. looks very sticky and filled with thc. Nice find
  3. This is some nicely grown bud. . Just took some tokes and after the first one your head starts to tingle and get numb...nice uplifting high and real stoney feel to it. This is the perfect bud for playing games and watching movies. It seems to have just enough sativa to keep you up and going for most of the night. It eventually catches up to you though and you are crashing hard. :smoke:
  4. After reading your description I think that might be OG Kush.
  5. Me too...but I have some shit right now that looks JUUUUSSST LIKE this dudes nuggy. Its called Hawaiian Punch and the description he gave of the smell and high are right on par with my nugs. OP, is it fruity like tart or fruitly like a zest of lemon or orange? if its fruity but more towards the tart or sour side I'd say its Hawaiian Punch...which the genetics aren't too clear to me.
  6. Hey guys. You were actually half way right and thanks for all your comments. I found out exactly what this is. OG Kush x Sour Diesel from the NC Mts. :D This is some potent stuff. No wonder it has that tart citrusy pine fuel smell to it when you break it up. I have had Sour Diesel several times in the past and really love that strain as well. Hope i can pick up another eighth of this stuff soon. Thanks for all your comments. It's time to pack a bowl :smoke:
  7. Did you take photos with toaster? :D JK...

    Very nice buds, shiney and dense. :)
  8. loooks unreal

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