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Dank weed or not?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dylan123ab, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Basing on blurry quality this is rare Blurry OG. Its rare in modern world, when we have good quality cameras. you asked for it

  3. What is considered 'dank weed'?

  4. [​IMG]


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  5. #5 killset, Feb 22, 2016
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    Looks decent for a blurry blurry ass pic. However looks don't mean much. Rather its "dank" or not also includes taste, smell and potency. 3 things that nobody can tell from a pic. Its in you're hand not ours. You tell us if it's dank. Just because weed looks good doesn't mean it is good
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  6. my bad guys and dank is consider good weed I guess?

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  7. Yeah, it's so dank that it only shows up as a blur. You know it's great when even a pic of it fucks up your vision!

    If it got you really high, who cares if it's really dank or due to tolerance? It's half a dozen of one, 6 of another, whatever.

  8. #8 Dylan123ab, Feb 22, 2016
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    was curious of what strain it is, if you guys could tell by the look of it ?
  9. Nobody can tell you what strain it is. There's thousands of documented strains and even more undocumented. Its just weed bro. If you like it be happy

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  10. Identifying a strain by a picture is like asking someone if their weed is "dank" or not. Just like kilset said, it's in your hands, you decide if it's dank or not. Smoke on and have a good time it only matters what you think of your bud. Not what others do!
  11. Preach
  12. Should I light up another?
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    Sorry buddy. Not dank.
  14. Looks fine to me, doesn't appear to be any seeds. I'd smoke it

  15. Its double anal OG

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  16. I'm so high. So is this weed dank?
  17. I remember my first time getting high... wait no I really can't remember but yeah....

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