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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ghostxan, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone! I recently bought an Apple Jacks cereal cart. I know that it was sketchy to do that because there are fake cereal carts. I was wondering if this cart was fake. But the cart has all 3 things on the bottom like the number, k logo and the name ccell. Anyway else to test it and see if it’s real?
  2. i talked to people in the industry and all Dank Vapes and Cereal Carts are I am not going to say fake but they are made by the dispensary that provides them. There is no parent company Dank Woods Does not own them i still get danks from a local shop the oil is pretty good in them. Its a price point thing. In michigan i am starting to really like Presto and Platinum vapes when they go on sale for 25 a pop. I am smoking a presto blue dream now.
  3. That K logo and ccell are just to show its a real ccell cart older model. good vape companies are starting to use Jupiter Ccell carts now with ceramic tips not glass or god forbid metal.
  4. Is the numbers clear or kind of stretched out? What does the box look like?

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