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Dank VA Heads (A+ PICKUPS!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jimmy rustler, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I bet that sour smells like straight skunk jizz...looks amazing
  2. Fire ass shit my dude:D
  3. That new shit smells ridiculously good, almost as good as that dreamqueen I have.
  4. Gotdayum jimmi, i don't want/need a hookup I'm just curious if this comes from va? Sexy buds

  5. Nah it's all out of CA
  6. More pics of the blue dream, shit looks nice.

    Blue Dream (2) - Imgur



    Afgoo + Kief + Sour D x OG full melt

  7. Nice bowl pack babe! How do you like the blue dream?
  8. A+ pickups these nuts niqqa
  9. #110 jimmy rustler, Dec 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 19, 2012
    I got some more blue dream! Got some candy kush but I haven't had the chance to get pics of that yet.
  10. Yimmy.... That's piff as piff gets

  11. I try to keep the best there is on deck man fuck all that nonsense bud llol
  12. Hey I live in Potomac. Anyone care to hook me up with dank weed??
  13. No.

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  14. some nice flowers mayne

  15. Thanks bro.

    That mango kush taste amazing, its so fucking sweet on the exhale you'd swear you really just ate sweet citrus fruit (as much sense as that makes).
  16. That ak you have loooks exactly like this chemdawg I have , flash makes it hard to tell. But god I love this strain.
  17. I can promise they're mad different lol camera pics never pick up right unless you're using a DSLR.

    I had to trim all this bud except for the mango. First time I ever trimmed anything and my guy said I did a perfect job :)
  18. Blue Dream - Imgur
    Taste - 6/10 - Tasted very "earthy" with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
    High - 8/10 - Good sativa buzz that last around 1 1/2 hr after a bowl or two.
    Looks - 8/10 - Full trich coverage and red hairs galore!
    Smell - 6/10 - Smells a bit fruity and the typical skunky smell.

    Mango Kush (2) - Imgur
    Taste - 8/10 - Jesus what a good taste, very small hints of citrus fruit on the exhale but you can definitively taste it. Shit taste like the orange stride gum out of the vape.
    High - 9/10 - One bong rip has me high for about two hours and I'm an avid smoker.
    Looks - 9/10 - Not a single skimp nug in the lb, pretty hefty in size (avg ~1.8g).
    Smell - 8/10 - Sweet, citrusy, refreshing? Hard to describe, it smells really good.

    UK Cheese - Imgur
    Taste - 5/10 - Kinda like the smell... not too good of a taste but it grows on you especially if you hit it out the vape.
    High - 7/10 - Last around an hour or so, but I've been sick when I tried this so it may last longer.
    Looks - 6/10 - Kinda leafy but that's just the trim job, nothing I can't fix :)
    Smell - 9/10 - Good god this shit reeks, it smells like you just painted a room and walked right back in and inhaled a bucket of paint thinner. LITERALLY like someone just painted a room, kinda wierd that it doesn't taste like that.

    Subscribe to the thread, I try to update it at least once a week :)

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