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Dank sticky and sweeet Ohio buds (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by deadhead4-2-0, May 8, 2009.

  1. just picked this bag up tonight got 3.5 for 45 bucks off this chick i dont usually buy from she called it retard but ive never heard of it before. gives me a nice head high so im guessing there might be some sativa there, and some pics of some trainwreck and dumpster.
    enjoy :smoke:
  2. Nice buds man, interesting name too lol. Ohio can produce so pretty good herb.
  3. that looks pretty amazing. happy toking.:smoke:
  4. wow looks awesome dude.
  5. Looks tasty:bongin:
  6. Buds look super Dank bro!!!
  7. Very nice man, looks a little leafy like somebody didn't put in the time to trim and cure the buds, but still looks dank
  8. Great Buds
    Great Price :eek:
  9. nice low price, AND that dumpster stuff looks SOO nice. definately looks like a popcorny, headdy type of budd. Nice pick up!
  10. nice buds!

    im in the 614 btw :)
  11. I wish there was more dank in the 330.
  12. hey man, i see your in ohio, i got some shit that looks like that. what stands out is the leaf, how it looks.

    interesting, imma try and take some pics, (Camera sucks)

    looks good btw :) :)
  13. 614 represent! haha central ohio gets outshined by Cleveland and Cincinatti too much.
  14. where in ohio r u from?
  15. looks dank man, nice
  16. im in the 440 area and i cant remember the last time i couldnt find dank thanks for the good vibes dudes keep em coming:smoke:
  17. NICE pickup man!
  18. hahahahaha "retard." Epic strain name, if for real. Reminds me of when me and a bud used to slang and would get shite w/o names and would smoke a bowl then think of a good name that would help sell the nugs. We came up with that name "retard" several times but always through it out, cause who would believe it? more less buy it from us after we said that.
  19. i know i didnt really think retard was a legit strain but the chick says she knows the grower and says its legit i dont really care cause this shit gets me retarded:smoke:
  20. looks like some nice dank, but to be honest

    that damn comic book is drawing my attention more than the buds haha

    maybe you should shoot on a difference surface next time :D

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