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Dank stems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Nug Love, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. I've been saving up my stems and I have about half a gram of stems now. All of them are caked with crystals. If i keep this up and save 7 grams of dank stems how much iso hash do you think I could get in return? My guess is somewhere around a gram I'm hoping, but I never made iso hash with stems.
  2. you need a shit load of trim to get a decent amount of ISO man,keep saving!
  3. yeah I have about an ounce of stems n trim saved lol and still saving
  4. on a video i saw somewhere this bloke used 4 and a half ounce of trim and stalk and got a fat ball of hash that lookd so good almost like treacle pudding!
  5. You need way more than a gram of stems to make basically anything, one of my friends has bags and bags of stems built up over the last few years and every no and then we make edibles and toss in an entire bag of stems/some trim. Oh and gallon size ziplock bags.

  6. I didn't say a gram. 7 grams, a quarter... Can somebody tell me how much iso I would get from 7 grams of dank stems? Thanks.
  7. a couple of bongs if ur lucky lol

  8. I kind of expected the return to be small, but not that small. I heard you can get a decent amount from an oz so I figured a quarter would still yield something decent.
  9. If you want a better yield gotta be making hash with nugs or even sugar leaves, I'd say you should be pleased with anything around half a gram from 7g stems and shake.

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