Dank Smoking Vid!

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    CHECK IT OUT! [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qmFqfWMx48"]YouTube - Dank Smoking[/ame]




  2. com'on man...
    Unless your Tommy Chong, 10 minutes is to long a video to be about you smoking pot.
  3. Lol... all da footage I could work with...
  4. Ok... I hate to be critical but it took you over a minute to pack a small spoon bowl.

    And this is exactly what I would expect someone who uses only CAPITAL LETTERS online to look like.

    Some pretty fat hits though
  5. Lol that was nearly 2 years ago pal, n my keyboard is broken... it was 30 sec about packn to show authenticity, with entertaining music... like waiting n in elevator... but much better, n ty yes there were sum fat rips.
  6. But dude for real u dont kno me so u cant judge me for using caps in like 20 or less posts... makes no sense, btw I'm Sexy.
  7. Damn dude I like the vid, some pretty damn fat rips in there! Good to see another MN dude on the forums too man, have to go peep some glass sometime.
  8. Thank You Bro, Ya man 4sure!
  9. nice collection man

    had to skip around though lol 10 min is a great while

    here's a couple of my clips

  10. Ty, Not 2 bad with the smokin tricks urself, I really wish I hadda cam n buncha dank right now, I'd make a kickass vid! :smoke:
  11. Yeaaaa bout that.
  12. Bout wut?
  13. If ur referring 2 my vid, its old footage, n I only had an 1/8th 2 work n conserve with.
  14. I was smoking Dank, n I hold my hitz in, n I was just coughing...
  15. NNNNN nobody cares how your GRAPE SWISHA BLEEZY smoked.
    Fuck You.:metal:
  16. Hahahahha. Crazy white boy:p
  17. :wave:Ur so right man. :rolleyes: -Rep :confused_2:
  18. And u r? :p

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