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Dank Silver Haze and No name cali bud in AZ

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CellaDwella, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Just had to take some pics of these nice buds I picked up. The first two pics are the silver haze, and the last three are pics of some no name bud from cali.

    Attached Files:

  2. first pic looks sooooo dense man
  3. that bud is perfectly trimmed. looks amazing
  4. That haze will lock you into the couch....go easy big guy
  5. I agree with that one. Nice bud!
  6. not dissin the quality at all man the buds look delicious, but the first 2 pics dont really look like silver haze to me. idk, cant tell from a picture but thats some daankk man
  7. ummmm yummy....i am fuckin dry it sucks

  8. agreed. I want some of that.
  9. Looks dank dog. what part of az u from?. Im from phoenix
  10. Im over in Tempe. Bud is dank over here around ASU if you know the right people.
  11. Flame bud, very dence, roll a blunt, pack a bowl, roll a spliff, (BlAzE)
  12. I love haze:smoking:
  13. Way to represent the valley. The Silver Haze looks dense, and so nice, I'd hit that hard:smoking:.
  14. Looks a lot different than the silver haze i have right now, mine is a bit less dense (but equally as thc covered).

    looks good!
  15. AZ has been getting alot of beasters lately

  16. Where you from in AZ? I just moved here having a hard time finding any good bud.
  17. I dont know where youre at, but I havent seen Canadian herb out here EVER! Im lying....once @ a PHISH concert..bought a couple nuggets from a CANADIAN hippy.

    Killa Kali in AZ all damn day, bro. Unless your connect is importing shit from BC or something.
  18. I know thats right for sure lol buncha asu'z here:smoking::hello:
  19. First pic had me cumming, kickass bud.

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