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Dank sativa too smooth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Krait1, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. I got some dank sativa no-name, and to me the high feels like its there, but its just not the hazy-type I get with mids. Is it just the strain, or do all dank sativas feel this way for you guys?
  2. Are you trying to say, that your normally smoke mids and your used to the high, but the feeling of this new bud produces a different high? Most buds contain a different level of sativa to indica percentage, mids is almost always strictly indica, producing a body high (couch lock) where sativa produces a head high (makes you want to get up and move), it could be due to the fact that your used to the typical indica that your smoking and the head high is something different for you, a sativa high is clearer. Get up and enjoy it :smoking:
  3. Ha ha thanks man I guess thats what it is. I guess the mids I usually smoke are hybrids like you said cause they certainly have a similar feel to the dank, but just hazier I guess.
  4. Yes, I understand exactly what you're saying. Same for me, I've been smoking mids for years and prefer the hazy high over the clean high.
  5. I noticed this same thing the first time I bought headies. I was smoking dro prior, and got some pure sativa headies. I was incredibly disappointed with the mildness of the high, and to this day I hate pure sativa for the same reason. I personally prefer a 60/40 indica/sativa blend.
  6. Pure sativas are something to be enjoyed in a different manner with a different mindset. If you went in expecting a nice body high I can see how you were a bit disappointed.

    I also prefer a nice blend, usually indica heavy.

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