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!!DANK PICS!! OG kush,Lemon kush and Mango Kush

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by krippyFLmonster, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. I picked up 3 different strains...

    1st is OG kush :smoking::
    some good ol OG ! awww mang shit was good! (mango is BIMO)


    2nd is Lemon Kush:smoke::
    not much to say...very skunky spicey smell..hits smooth~


    3rd is Mango Kush :smoking:
    at first you smell it and it doesnnt smell like mangos at all.. but when you grind it up and open it up the smell hits you! smells just like mangos :) and also hits/tastes amazing!


  2. Some nice shit you got in your grinder, you should makes some salads.
  3. already did manng :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  4. Mango Kush seems to be floating around the UCF Orlando area as well.
  5. yea it is ...my homegirl from orlando that goes to school up there braught down some reaaaaaaaaallllll fire mango kush...shit got me zooted after first rotation!
  6. mango is everywhere in florida i love it.
    I reup with mango atleast twice a month
  7. Very true. I got an 8th of it today, bout to roll a blunt.
  8. yes blunts all day! Dutch Masters
  9. no love for the bud?
  10. look at my bud. LOOK AT IT!!! cmon ppl thats the best quality i can get and its from my phone :)
  11. #11 NY Purple Haze, Mar 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2010
    is that all that's grown in FL? damn, you'd think FL would have a lot of different haze. lemon looks good, a bit leafy but i wouldn't mind a snap of that right now.. i'm sick of this Afgoo already.
  12. damn all that shit looks so sticky
    i wanna eat it
    great pick up :3
  13. why thank you for the delightful comments everyone :D
  14. yea im pretty sure all of em are home grown because the quality is at its best! belive me :smoking:
  15. sorry to bump this dead thread form long ago... but how much is OG kush, lemon kush, and mango kush going for in Florida? I'm in S. Florida, so I just wanted to know what is the price range.
  16. what the fuck is bimo?

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