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dank pickup with seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dopekyza, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. what's up blades I just picked up a half oz for 160 this bud it has a skunky citrus smell .. I just smoked a jay and it definitely is good and not harsh. I was just wondering why does it have seeds I found like 6 seeds in the bag. Tell me what yall think.


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  2. Because that is mids yo. Least i would not pay 160. Maybe 100. Maybe

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  3. For the full o

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  4. Dont think its mids. If so I need that connect lol. I think the final stages of the grow went wrong and the plant accumulated seeds. Price should be lowered a bit

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  5. don't get me wrong I thought it wasn't going that good but It turned out to be better than I expected. I was just curious because of the seeds . I've bought mids before. it was never like this
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    You see when a male marijuana really loves a female marijuana, they get together and do the funky flower pollen dance. The male marijuana spews his pollen semen all over the female marijuana. The female then ravaged by the male marijuana's seed is now forced into the shady back alleys where the female marijuana will be forced to prostitute herself out.

    The poor female marijuana will go on to live a life being compressed, bricked, and sold to the lowest bidder. Tis' a sad life in the day of the defiled female marijuana. I urge everyone to get educated on the subject and donate to the Female Marijuana Abstinence Center.

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