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dank pickup : OD Early Girl and Mr. Nice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mjstoned420, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Got some OD Early Girl and Mr. Nice. pic is not the best but here it is. OD Early Girl on the left. and Mr. Nice on the right. What do ya think? time to light up and enjoy... :smoke:

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  2. Looks like the people who grew it hate to trim. Other than that, it looks good.:D
  3. I dont see why you hate people who dont trim so much. I really dont mind at all.
  4. you dont mind because you dont care about the quality of your dank

  5. Game. Set. Match.

    Besides having higher standards isn't a bad thing. I never said I hate anyone, for the record.
  6. I didnt say you hating someone just that you hate bud thats not trimmed. How does that effect the quality of the bud? It doesnt. It just has to do with looks.
  7. I don't want this to turn into flames so I'll just say this: I have higher standards when it comes to sensemilla.
  8. Well thats you. Not everyone is a pot snob so you dont need to post in every thread that their bud isnt trimmed.

  9. Thats me and 99% of West coast smokers.

    I only post about the trim when its appropriate.
  10. lol, honestly lets not get to standards here, setting pot standards is in the quality of the grow and the weed, no one turns down the dank cause the grower didnt trim it well enuf. I honestly dont mind a poorly trimmed bud, i think leaves are tasty and plus real good buds got trichs on the leaves as well.

  11. No desperate smoker turns down anything.

  12. would you actually turn down some slightly leafier looking bud even if it was as dank as some of the same quality bud that was just better trimmed?
  13. ^did my post make sense?

  14. Yes, and here is the reason why. When I acquire my weed I have a selection. I am not limited to one strain.
  15. well, then i would agree.
    but yeah
    im not a med user
    so ill accept some leafy bud with great joy sometimes
  16. looks dank from what i see

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