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Dank pick-up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by schwartz91, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Just got some dank, there was one large nug and 3 nugs half the size of that. The pictures are of the large one and one of the small ones.

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  2. don't know if that would qualify for dank but it looks like good shit happy tokin
  3. The pictures don't really justify it, i'll have to post some different ones later.
  4. he didn't mean anything by it, its just that isn't DANK...its beasters quality, definitely a HUGE step up from swag, and I mean huge, but dank is a HUGE step up from beasties!:D hope you enjoy the pick up btw
  5. Damn I wish i had some right now
  6. Dankies up in this bitch
  7. Looks like dank.
  8. Lookin good judging on the 3rd pic.. Smoke that shit up!
  9. A nice vibrant green. Enjoy :smoke:
  10. nice dark green man i like it have fun
  11. Looks similar to the stuff I smoked recenty, good bud
  12. Looks like the regs I get. Not bad in any way.
  13. Thanks everyone. I wish I could post more pictures but I gone smoke it all. Feelin' fine right now. :smoking:
  14. pics a little dark, but last 1 is nice...good buy man
  15. Here are some more.

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