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Dank or Mids?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TOKRFRED, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey people, just wondering does this stuff look like pretty good shit? First let me say this bud smells like... lemony-sourish and it smells very strong. Toke on :bongin:

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  2. Looks like good shit
  3. #3 kaset, May 15, 2011
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    Why does it matter if your gonna smoke it? Cant you tell dumbass?

    Name Calling is Not Allowed in The City...Please Refrain From doing so in The Future!!! **unoit**
  4. I think it's somewhere's in between. Does it have any visible crystals?

  5. Look what we have here, a classic hard ass who thinks it's wrong to ask a question. Here's a joint: :smoke:, maybe it'll help your utterly absurd mindset :wave:
  6. I never recieved a joint sir. And no i never said it was wrong to ask a question , just one as stupid as this. :wave: Theres your wave back sense you pretending to not be mad, all in all U MAD!?!
  7. People post here to ask questions or post answers hence its a forum and by you calling someone a dumbass well it makes you look ignorant and stupid :wave:
  8. I think it looks like beasters maybe a tinge better. Roll it up. you do what you do.

  9. There is no such thing as a stupid question. You once did not know the answer, why is it incorrect for someone to ask a question when they do not know the answer? There is no harm done, stop being so uptight.

  10. Your like one of those weird hardass kids from back in the day in school that smells really unpleasant and got laid for the first time in senior year at a party by a drunk girl who has already been with several of your friends. :hello:

    to the OP... looks like some Good quality bud to me.. Doesnt look like "chronic" but definitely some good shit

  11. Except that those who ask questions must be prepared to accept an honest answer. Tough Love.
  12. #14 tonster0161, May 16, 2011
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    in a sense this is a stupid question,becuase none of us are actually smoking it or even smelling it. all were looking at is bag appeal and that is the worst way to rate bud. i have had bud that looks like shit and kick my ass but if i were to post a pic people would tell me to get that reggie out of really it is dumb to ask about quality on here only the smoker can be the judge of how good the bud is.
  13. why is there so many fucking threads asking "LOL IS THIS DANK?" who gives a shit just smoke it and get high. quit worrying about the strain name or the "title".
  14. From one post you assume this? and with all that background story im going to assume you are talking about your own high school experience? fuck off dude.
  15. OP obviously knows what dank and mids are hence the thread title, so yea i think this is a pretty stupid question. And people who say there is no such thing as a stupid question was probably told that in elementary school.
  16. If you don't know it's hard to help you. Just smoke it looks OK to me.

  17. NOT SURE IF SERIOUS. :confused:

    OP clearly does not know if the weed is dank or not if he posted a thread asking.

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