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Dank or Mids? (Macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by XAM2, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. You tell me.

    Washington Heights, NYC


  2. Definietly some high quality marijuana rigght there, quite beautiful..
  3. Looks dank to me man..
  4. it looks nice and fluffy and trichromes are visible. My guess is it is a fairly nice smoke
  5. beasters. thats about what i get. usually.
  6. high mids...looks good
  7. Not Dank Dank but pretty good if you ask me.
    EDIT: <pretty DAMN good>
  8. the buds alittle dark and hairy and whoever said thats beasters, no offense, but thats a bad opinion.
    i think you got yourself some pretty nice weed right there
    smoke it and give a report on it.. let me know how the taste, smell and the high is
    deffinitely not mids though man.
    SMOKE UP:smoking:
  9. Isn't the washington heights area considered the "home of the haze"? Looks like some super dank.
  10. Nice dank, I'm going on a trip to WH on sunday the 14th! :)
  11. looks better than mids, looks more on the dank side to me
  12. Mexi dirt schwag man.

    Nah jks, looks like some dank to me. However, dont forget that looks are not everything and its the smoke report that makes all the difference.
  13. yeah it looks a little like that but not as dense as beasters ive seen.
  14. I gotta second the beasters. Looks like good bud but I think it's been keifed. I'd still smoke the shit out of it.
  15. I've got to second the duff call here! that is definitely NOT beasters as you can see the trichs which imo would make it dank :hello:
  16. Looks like some pretty good bud right there.. You got some trichs and a bunch of red hairs... beasters is about right... enjoy
  17. That my friend is some Dank bud...
  18. Run-of-the-mill beasters. Still looks quite tasty my man. Enjoy that shit :)
  19. i think i smoked the same stuff it was haze from washington heights too. the rawest haze i ever smoked :smoking:

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