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DANK Ohio Ganja (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by deadhead4-2-0, May 24, 2009.

  1. just got this from my guy today payed 70 bucks for about 6 grams he said it was afgooey has a nice grape candy smell and taste gives a nice body buzz and some bubble hash is till tokin on hope you dudes enjoy

  2. you always come up with the dankest shit from ohio. I am from northern ohio.
  3. thanks dude im from NE ohio to
  4. lookin good as always deadhead.

    Keep reppin that 440!
  5. Another good thread showing Ohio buds...
  6. damn, that looks amazing.

    I'm dry until Tuesday.
  7. 330! here

  8. 440 represent
  9. looks wonderful :smoking:
  10. up in the 614. Killer pickup man
  11. yea im in the 440 to nice to see all the ohio blades
  12. hell yeah man +rep:smoking:
  13. lol vw hippy bus, my older brother had like 3 of those, nice buds
  14. I'm from West Virginia, like a 5 minute drive from Ohio...Wish I could shit like this lol
  15. i rep that 302 from delaware.. yay!.. i like ohio.. smoked mad weed and drove and smoked the whole way to sandyski ohio to ceder point.. and road thos rides high as shit.. mad fun.. ha

  16. really?!.. thats nice to know.. haha
  17. good mids. nice hash
  18. Nice pickup man. reppin the 614

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