Dank Oh-zee's Starter Mix and Guide to Early Growth

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  1. While I agree there is no need, I'm wondering if there's any benefit to adding kelp in small amounts to the seed mix.

    Just trying something a tad different while I have the extra time to do so.
  2. Hey Chunk,

    Before I fuck up… :smoking:

    You did mean TEN parts peat, yes? Not an accidental keystroke on the '0'?

    :eek: I feel stupid..
  3. I should be the one feeling stupid lol. 1x EWC.....1x rice hulls.....5x peat. Need to study up on my fractions.

  4. I didn't read the whole post but from what I did read I liked. My two cents: when you start plants in tiny containers your plants will program that into their "growth plan" so to speak. It's been proven that seedlings that are allowed to grow long initial tap roots are more often female, and plants that have less space result more males and hermaphrodites because they want to reproduce. When a seedling's taproot has a lot of room it will decide to feminize and grow huge to produce the greatest chance of making a lot of seeds. The secret to big yields it to have zero transplants and LOTS of support (ie double and triple trellis methods). Sowing seeds right in a giant hole or mound can pose a few problems with over-watering. these issues can be reduced using smart pots since roots can penetrate right into the ground (keep in mind air pruned roots will also "program" in the idea of little root space). Hydrosource gel can prevent issues with overwatering and save you in water and nutrient costs.
  5. I bought this:

    I was high when i went, when i asked for jiffy mix that's what they gave me.
    I went back and got the right mix today.
  6. "If you'll keep them indoor for more than a week or two, remember, fresh air is essential!!! Not air from your attic or living room, but fresh air!! After the first week in my living room, I use an old out-building that has cracks in the walls and busted out windows, but a dry roof and a power source. Another method is to put them in a garage or spare room with the window open. Do not underestimate the importance of fresh air--fresh air! Not just new air. Many breeders and growers agree that next to genetics, fresh air is the most important thing plants need."
    Hello.  What about those of us that use a sealed room?  I know that adding CO2 with a burner or other method is important for maximizing yields.  But MUST they have fresh air brought in from outdoors in order to obtain optimum growth?  Thanks in advance!

    Just keep enough airflow coming in, as I would imagine you're running intake or exhaust fans. Supplementing CO2 would be the best bet though it costs money.
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    I am in the first couple weeks of my grow, so its not too late to change things.  But, i am not bringing in any fresh air.  Will the CO2 make up for this?  I have plenty of air flow from fans as well as a carbon filter to scrub the air (which im assuming is STRICTLY for smell). 
  9. Yes, supplementing CO2 should take care of your needs, assuming you're providing enough. Just run a grow using what you have then make adjustments based on what you see and can infer.
    Nothing beats hands on experience.
  10. Ok, thanks alot, i really appreciate the help!
  11. 3 Parts Jiffy Mix (available at Walmart)
    3 Parts Earthworm Castings (check your local Agway first)
    2 Parts Vermiculite

    Here are some pics I took a couple of weeks ago after my seedlings had been growing for around two weeks in this mix. As you can see they are all perfectly healthy and green. If you're wondering how I did that, it's because I use the LITFA technique: Leave It The Fuck Alone!



    Here's what you do:

    Mix up some of my seed-starting mix
    Use the paper towel method or directly sow seeds.
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    kiss system, litfa method definatly working for ya.:D

    Twas Ever Thus!
  13. Thanks for this recipe... I just sprouted 4 new babies and they are doing better than any of the others I have started recently. I am going to use this formula from now on.
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    Greetings Grass City. Very nice to see you all again.

    As pertaining to cooking: no, this mix needn't cook. As an above poster said, cooking is just allowing microbes to break down organic matter a bit. There is no other nothing in this mix that requires that. Ewc can be used straight outta the bag. And peat, as you know is the main ingredient in jiffy and can also be used straight outta the bag. The only other ingredient is lime for ph .
    As pertaining to fresh air: fresh air to a plant means fresh co2. In sealed rooms fresh air is hardly ever added--only fresh co2.
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    Dude! [​IMG]

    I saw the thread and immediately said to myself "I wish Dank Oh-zee was still here"...

    How are you?


    Edit - love the stepping up from an oh-zee to an elle-bee... Lol!

    So good to see you man.

  16. Thanks buddy. I've been breathing fresh air for nine months now. Sweet, outdoor air. I had a lot of time to read gardening books--probably a hundred or more and learned enough to know that dankohzee doesn't know squat. All this talk about soil mixes? Totally unnecessary. The quote from lump in your sig? That's what's up. Compost and composted dookie and if you got em, ewc will form a very nice, basic soil. Sweeten with bone and blood meal or a non-animal substitute and you're golden. But you know that. Last summer my friend Les claypool didn't fertilize at all until 30 days into flower and had some unbelievable plants. I would show you, but I have a whole new appreciation for security now;)

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  17. Very glad to hear about the fresh air and sunshine on your face man. :)

    Please don't be a stranger.


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