Dank Oh-zee's Starter Mix and Guide to Early Growth

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  1. Thanks, one more question. Are the organic humus supposed to be earthworm castings, or are those two seperate things.
  2. humus= earth worm castings or compost or some combination of the two
  3. Yeah i googled it like right after I posted. Thanks for the info though. Also, I give the mixture about 3-4 weeks to "cook" right? Some people cook their's in the sunlight, other's have stated that "cooking" it is just closing the containter and letting it sit for a month. Which is better?
  4. Cooking=nutrient cycling=allowing the soil microbes to break down the organic amendments and convert the nutrients into a form that the plant can use. It has nothing to do with heat, or the sun. Just let it sit for a month. Don't put it in an airtight container though (like a tupperware with a tightly closed lid). Leave the lid on loosely to allow air to circulate. You can also just load up the pots you are going to use and let it sit in those.
  5. Would you suggest Coir in your final mix as well? I don't use it simply because it has half the CeC of Peat and double the price.
  6. ^^I would go 60% coco/40% peat...That 40% peat is basically compost and adding xtra ewc/compost above that will really help the grow....
    You could flip flop that 60/40 but, the aeration with coir is great....
  7. Awesome post Dankohzee. Somehow I missed it. It's true that the 1st month of the plant was never well explained in depth. I always use your soil mix, it works great.
  8. the soil mix works great dank. I'd keep in mind for those that can't mother over their plants for the first week or so that those little starter trays dry out very fast esp under a MH. I always start them in solo cups and I find it works just as well.
  9. Is it advisable or not, to top-dress the little ladies with EWC?
  10. Shouldn't hurt if it doesn't ruin your drainage.
  11. IME.....yes.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you shouldn't have to let this seedling mix "cook", correct? Since we aren't adding any nutritional amendments?

    EDIT: Also, I'm curious… could it be beneficial to start the seeds in Jiffy Pellets and then once they're sprouted, to "pot up" into this mix for the next two weeks, then into the big girl smarties??
  13. The EWC will have enough nutrition to help the the developing seedling until it's ready to transplant to a bigger pot. Yes you could use a Jiffy Pellet and then pot up but IMO it would be redundant.

    I make my seedling mix with 2x EWC / 2x rice hulls / 10x Canadian Sphagnum Peat.


  14. Reeeeeeeeally?! The rice hulls aren't too bulky or hard for the sensitive little roots to transcend? I've been mortified to try them, assuming the very fine vermiculite was suggested by DOZ because other items weren't as successful?

    I trust in the Chunk.. *bows*
  15. I made another seed mix, same deal as chunk though I'm trying a bit of kelp to see if it speeds things along a little bit.

    2 parts peat
    2 parts EWC
    2 parts perlite
    1 part vermiculite
    1/4 part kelp meal
  16. Damn, I hope that kelp seems to help! I have started them in Jiffy Pellets, in a prop chamber.

    Then, I'm going to go with a mixture of all:
    -2x EWC / 2x Hulls / 1x Peat / 2x Jiffy Mix / 1/4 Kelp Meal
    -Pot-up in Solo cups for about 2 weeks.
    -Pot-up into my Smarties.

    Redundant? Maybe, yes. :p But does this sound legit? :)
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    Heya Ganja,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you shouldn't have to let this seedling mix "cook", correct? Since we aren't adding any nutritional amendments?

    You are correct.

    There is no need for the Jiffy Mix or kelp meal. I am not familiar with the jiffy mix but if there are any nutrients in it I would advise against it. For the first 2 weeks of a seedlings life they need absolutely no nutrients. If they use any at all the amount that is in the EWC will carry them. If I were you I would use Chunk's formula he gave you. I use the same seedling formula with the exception of the rice hulls (can't source locally) with great results. Also I would be willing to bet straight peet is cheaper than jiffy mix per cubic foot.

    When seedlings sprout the first 2 leaves you will see are called cotyledons. These leaves are embryonic leaves and will support the plant for the first few weeks of the plants life. You will know when the plant has exhausted all the nutrients from them when they begin to yellow.


    Have a great day!


    Edit: There is no need for pellets/plugs, that mix Chunk gave you can be used to start clones/seedlings. Just another expense.

  18. I'm just wondering if I can't use some JiffyMix in place of some of the pure sphagnum peat? JiffyMix is what is recommended by DankOHzee, and the whole reason for this STICKY. Lol. Not the whole reason, but it's really just sterile peat moss-- from the bag:


    Anyways, I already had the pellets so I have them in a prop tank with a heating pad underneath. Just sowed them last night, so I expect they're not sprouted. I had temps go up to 95F, but I'm at a constant 79F right now. Did the heat kill'em? :\
  19. Sure you can.......after all, its just a weed. If the seeds are viable they'll sprout and do just fine in the Jiffy Mix. Were you asking if the excess heat killed the un-sprouted seeds? If so, I doubt it.

  20. Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you much, Chunk.

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