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  1. Good evening gents ladies. It is my great honor and privilege to share with you all, the culmination of a dream that dates back 25 years. I have just finished my first successful test run of my brand new grow room--my very first.:hello::hello:

    4k HPS
    phantom digital ballasts
    magnum xxl air-cooled reflectors
    vortex inline 750 cfm
    can filter

    The room is 12x14 with a pitched ceiling that slopes from 4 1/2 feet to 12 feet. On the long side of the room runs a 18'x4' utility closet with a five foot ceiling that is currently being built into the veg room with space for moms and cuttings. It will be equipped with numerous t5 fixtures. The floor of the veg room is outfited with two hydrofarm 60"x21" prpagation mats. The cuttings will be lit with sun systems 4 ft. 4 tube t5s. The veg room will be outfitted with two 4 ft, 8 tube t5s.

    WTF!!!! Sprouts in November!!?? I think I'm going to like this. I have decided to use some Barneys Farm gear as I know BF strains to be beginner friendly, consistent, and of excellent quality. Also because I fell in love with the sweettooth when I grew it outdoor a few years ago. To all the big seed company haters: no worries. I also have gear by rez and other well regarded breeders, but I'm saving that stuff for when I have my room dialed in and get a little experience under my belt. I'm a total nube when it comes to indoor, so I'm going to need a lot of help.

    Most of you all know me, but for those that don't, hello, and pleased to meet you. I like to keep things positive, so check your attitude and have seat, and lets get this little show on the road, shall we?

    BTW, in this house, we don't fuck around with chemicals and we grow our herb in dirt.

    Without further ado, a pic of the room and the november starts

  2. This has potential!

    4k is quite a bunch, and I like it.
  3. Indo!! Haha...Hell's yeah Dank.. Followed your last outdoor and if that's any indication, noob or not, you'll be rocking the show brother.. Good luck. Im onboard for the ride..
  4. Thanks guys! I'm super excited to get started. I know, sprouts are boring, but check back from time to time. Peace.
  5. is that carpet?

    i suggest something that wont hold water and mold.

    id go straight poly on the floor.
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    Howdy pigpen. Yup, sure is. I'll be using flood trays, but you're right, the carpet is eventually going to have to go.

    I wonder if some of you who are running intake/exhaust systems could tell me how you, personally handle climate control in the cold winter. Anyone?

  7. a nice DNE timer works really well. a you can plug a fan and a heater to it.

    and it changes the temperature during the day and at night automatically.

    it dims both the fan and the exhaust.

    and for exhaust, i highly recommend going out of the room, through a window or vent, or just a plain ol hole in the wall lol.

    its a good way to heat the house lol.

    with 4k, i think id buy a 8" centrifugal fan at like 600+ cfm.

    and for stink you may need an extra 4" and filter combo.

  8. OH and also, subbed, this is gonna be awesome :)
  9. Thanks man. I just picked up a C.A.P. "air-2" temp and humidity controller. I have it set on 72 so the exhaust and intake fans run steadily unless it falls below the set point. I plan to add an oil filled heater on a photocell timer that activates when the lights go off. The heater has an independent thermostat that may take some dialing-in.

    I'm always open to suggestions, so please don't hesitate to run them by me. If anyone else wants to chime in on how they have their climate controlled, please do.
  10. This will be fun to sit in on. I'm subbed. I've learned a lot from reading along these past years and I enjoy your descriptive annotations and quick wit. I'm sure you'll continue to surprise us. I hold you in the utmost respect.

  11. Whats happening man? Good to see you. I'll certainly do my best. Right now, however, i'm just a little bit overwhelmed by it all, haha! I step into the room to complete some important task that remains to be done, and next thing I know I've been staring with my jaw dropped open for 30 minutes:D. Sprouts in november! Hot damn!!
  12. I'm doing great! Graduated with a minor in biology... so now I have free-time to practice more plant physiology. I've moved away from the south to escape the hot and humid summers... and to play in the snow again. Shiiat, even looking into saving up for an engagement ring as I've had a great girl stand by me for the past 3 years... even while I grew under our bed :D

    Like some of the other guys said, the lights will totally help keep the house warm... The room my can-fan and venting takes the air into is 10 degrees warmer and I'm only using t5's.

    Sounds like you'll be captivated throughout this winter when you poke your head in to work your ladies. The bonus... you get a little extra vitamin D! ;)

    You could also get some black watering barrels to help absorb the heat from the lights, so that when they go out, it helps radiate a little heat in the room and keeps water nearby... Just an idea to reduce the overall electric use.

  13. the water barrel thing is a GREAT idea.
  14. Hi Dank! Followed your trail from Porksville. Congrats on an awesome summer, and good luck inside!

    First question: What flavor dirt are you using?

    Different soils for sprouting vs veg/flower?

    How about water? RO?

    I guess while I'm at it I'll ask about nutes too... sounds organic, but you going brand name or the amendment route (blood/bone meals lime/epsom etc?)

  15. Whattup Bob? Whattup everyone? I'll be posting an update soon. Vegging under the T5s is coming along--albeit slowly. The solar panels are still unfolding:D. Its crazy how each new set of leaves accelerates growth exponentially. Right now the third set of leaves is just beginning to form and growth is taking off.

    My plan is to use the full Aurora innovations line: formula 707 soil-- totally unamended except for extra porosity( I want to get a feel for the mix before amending), Buddha Grow and Bloom, and all the mycos and organic additives (oregonism and ancient amber and all that). Then I'll do a run of clones, repeating the regimen as a control, then a run with another nute line or possibly aact for comparison.

    My water ph holds a stable seven. I'm still studying on this, but most experienced organic indoor growers have told me that their problems with PH ended when they tossed their Hannas in the trash. My water is close enough to prevent any lockout issues, and since I'm growing soil, I doubt I'll tamper with water ph much. I now live in apple/grape country in the mid atlantic region and the water is excellent to drink around here.

    Already of run afoul of the mods at that other forum. It seems you are not allowed to mention non-supported breeders by name, so my mention of Barney's farm was censored, haha! Crazy.

    I'll post some pics later. My flowering room will be completely done after today. I've constructed a makeshift t5 stand that have placed in the middle of the room with a 4x8 t5 to finish veg. My veg room is unfinished and wont be finished until next month. It will hold 4ftx16tubes t5s and will have a warm floor--completely lined with hydrofarm megamats, connected to a thermostat. It will have a small inline circulating cool air in and out of the flowering room. This is not ideal, but its how I have to do it.

    On tap: I have a sour diesel clone available that has circulated the area for a few years. Its extremely sour but not so potent it ruins you. I also have clones from last year's ssog and sage available. I am ordering some casey jones and some bubba kush crosses during the december promo, and they will be started around march.

    Thanks for stopping by, all. I'll try to get some pics up later. I hate posting seedling, but I will, haha!
  16. Ya know Dank, I was thinking about this, One black barrel in the veg room with polytubing that's used for radiant flooring that is ran between the two rooms might create a stable enough heating source for the room. You could add a small pump in the line to keep it circulating, but water convection may create enough difference in water temperatures that it creates its own thermal flow. Top of the barrel being the warm water flow and the bottom being the cold inlet. With it being indoors, you wouldn't have to worry about the tubing icing up... so an actual boiler wouldn't be necessary as with an actual radiant floor set up.
  17. That very thing has been suggested to me before dirtjumper. Something to think about.

    Good evening gents and ladies. I'm still a little burned up (no pun intended) about my light warrior experience, but I decided to post some pics anyhow. The first shows my makeshift T5 veg area that I have set up in the middle of my flowering room. As I've mentioned, the veg room is unfinished, so I'm having to make do. I have transplanted a little early to get them out of that awful soil. These are 1 gallon grow bags cut in half and are what I have generally used for the final transplant before the grow hole. I'm finding things to be a little different indoors, and will probably ditch these in favor of hard, rootmaker pots. The final potting will be in fabric APPs, which I have used outdoor for the last five years. Now that I am also posting at ICmag, my brand choice in AP Pots will naturally be Square Root since the owner is active there.

    The other pic is a pleather flap my girl and I made. It covers the trap door to the grow room. Basically its a hemmed square of pleather with velcro all around it. The door also has velcro around it, so we just shut the door and seal the flap and it's very dark and scary inside the room at night.

    The final pic is one of two prop mats that will line the floor of my veg room. The room will be lit with 2 4'x8 tube T5s, and the mats will be on a thermostat.



  18. Howdy, Very nice set up Dankohzee. I'm subsribed, here's to a bountiful indoor harvest.
  19. Wats up Danko, room is looking good, lets see her fill up.
  20. Very nice looking setup you have so far, Dank. It's gonna be fun watching you bring your experience indoors.

    On your HVAC stuff--you already have an integrated controller that's way ahead of what I do, which is to do a lot of tweaking of the separate fan thermostat, fan speed controller, humidifier and dehumi, and room ambient heating that I have. So maybe you don't need something like this, but I'm a big believer in monitoring--having multiple ways to see what's going on in the grow environment. I got a few of those wireless thermometer/hygrometer things to set up in different place, and they're pretty useful. They show you real time readout and max/min since you last reset them. But what I have really come to rely on is a data logger that reads and stores temp, humidity and CO2 levels over whatever period of time and at whatever interval you want. You plug it into a computer and it gives you graphical and statistical readouts since you last took a reading. Using one of these helped me realize I didn't need CO2 supplementation (I think becuase the grow area is so close to natural gas water heater and furnace) and also helped me tweak controls to adjust temp and humidity not just when I'm in the room, but over time, and when I'm away. So I'm a big fan. THis is the one I got...there are probably other competitors out there now. I've been running it for about 6 months.

    Good luck with the indoor DANK!

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