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    These two plants have been growing since June 1st of 08. They were just starting to bud when the cold hit here by lake Ontario. These plants have been threw a shit ton of stress throughout the process of moving them outdoors...to floood rains washing them out of there holes. Let me know how they look. Both of these plants are over 6 ft. one at 6 1/2 and the other a little less.

    both close up pics are not the colas
    they are buds on side branches
    each of the colas are around 8 inches wide

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  2. They look horrible bro - certainly showing all the shock they've endured. Good luck gettin much smoke off em - keep an eye out for the nanners as well, chances are good she'll hermi.
  3. jus bury em man
  4. I think there is still hope, best of luck to you ... Rotate the plant a bit each day and don't be spraying with that bottle in the pick, just water the roots...
  5. I've brought back worse
  6. r u trying to grow through a window?

  7. Ohhh I thought that was a light, now this is getting interesting ...
  8. grind that shit up and cook up some edibles
  9. haha, growing through a window haha. Thats just stupid to even say. they are under a 1000 wat hps light. these two have went from sprouting in a closet to being moved outside...washed out of there holes...and then moved back inside...they were in too small of pots for a long time untill we moved them into the current pots, they were insaney stunted. The leaves couldnt look worse i agree with that, but the bud itself is insanely good looking. For those of you hatin its not the leaves thatll be smoked its the bud...and i couldnt be happier with how the buds look.
  10. if you looked close enough...it says sun system on the so called "window"
  11. I was thinking that we shouldnt be spraying them down...prolly another reason why the leaves look awfull...ohh well these girls shoulda been long gone from the cold we had early...im just glad they are still kickin and buds are looking very nicee.

  12. You CAN spray your leaves on your plants. HOWEVER, you must start misting them daily, and you have to stay with it. When they are young they get used to get sprayed, and if you stop spraying them, it is just as bad as starting to spray them 1/2 way through a grow.
  13. im not gonna be mean but you planted your plants in PET CEMENTARY and now they bak in your house for revenge kill them nikkas they look like a plant on crack really but its good if it ur first grow goodlck wit it
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    I guess crack is good for them then. I think these buds look nice, very crystally and white hairs with orange hairs. The only thing wrong with the plants at this point are the leaves, which are mostly all gone except the little ones sticking out of the buds, which are yellow and dried up looking.

    These are what they looked like before being moved indoors...

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